Great for souvenirs near Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto! Enjoy kelp snacks at the well-established “Gotsuji kelp”.

"Gotsuji Konbu" in Nishijin, Kyoto is a long-established konbuya founded in 1902.

When you hear that it's a long-established store, it's kind of awkward, but it's quite aggressive.

Not to mention orthodox products such as tsukudani, salted kelp, and tororo kelp,

"Snack kelp" is attacking hard.

"Heart kelp" cut out from kelp in the shape of a heart, "Kamishichiken" with kinako mochi containing sleeping kelp,

There are many strange kelp sweets such as matcha-flavored kelp jelly "Uji".


The location is along Nishioji Dori. Opposite Kinkakuji Temple across Nishioji Dori.

By bus, get off at "Kinkakuji Maedo". Well, it's the "Kinkakuji store".

The main store is located on the corner of Senbon Dori and Itsutsuji Dori.


There are various types for gifts in the store.

The price is not so high and it is perfect for Father's Day or Mother's Day.


The package is also Kyoto-like and is a good souvenir.

This is Tsukudani. There are many types of tsukudani.

Shirasu chirimen and Japanese pepper boiled, wood ear and kelp boiled, as expected kelp,

Looks good with anything.

By the way, the 3 most popular shops are

The most popular is "Kurama", which is a combination of kelp and Japanese pepper.

The second place is "Sasame thread", which is a long and slender shiobuki.

The third place is "Kitayama". Pumpkin seeds are in the kelp.

That's right.


Of course, there is "Makombu" properly.

Is "Rausu kelp" more expensive than "Makombu"?

I thought that "Makombu" was better. is it wrong?


Oh, this one doesn't say the type. Well, this time I'm looking for a snack kelp.


Yes, this is "Snack kelp".

On the left is the "plum flavor" that combines plum and kelp. On the right is the "Yuzu flavor", which is a combination of yuzu and kelp.

The color is also bright. It looks good for girls.

There are also honey-flavored kelp and "Hoshi Usagi", a funny kelp cut out in the shape of a rabbit.


You can taste all the snacks of kelp, so you can try various things before you buy.


This is the sea urchin and kelp candy "Shirakawa".

It's funny, or it's good as a snack.

Actually, I also do mail order, so I can get it without coming to Kyoto. ..

When you go to Kinkakuji, you can stop by!

Itsutsuji no Konbu Kinkakuji
11-3 Kinugasa Kaidocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto

11-3 Kinugasa Kaidocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto

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