[Fortune Garden Kyoto] A little-known cafe in a historic building.

A building that is a little worrisome, next to Kyoto City Hall in the center of Kyoto.

This building, which I thought "Oh, it looks old and cool," was the former Shimadzu headquarters building that was born in 1927.

It seems that there are weddings and restaurants now, so I thought it would be difficult to enter, but

On a certain weekday evening, I decided to try it.


stately! The front entrance where the historical weight is still transmitted.

Cool! The stylistic beauty is amazing.

Kyoto has escaped the war, so it's nice that there are many buildings like this (not to mention the war, it's not the Onin War).

The U.S. military couldn't stand to burn art, and in fact, cities with a lot of art were excluded from air raid candidates.

There are rumors about it.

The nearest station is, of course, "Kyoto City Hall Station". It's a 30 second walk.

Or rather, next to the city hall, when you think about it normally, it makes you feel some kind of adhesion.


It must have been a high-collar building from that time.

Do employees feel like a crunchy elite?

By the way, Shimadzu bears the so-called Satsuma feudal lord's family crest "Maruju".

No matter where or how I look up, I can't see any connection with the Shimazu feudal lord.

"Maruju" is a family crest with a "cross" inside the "maru".

Occasionally, even at oden shops, fried fish is called "Maruju", and it is famous as the family crest of the Satsuma domain.


Genzo Shimadzu, the founder of Shimadzu Corporation, is from Kyoto.

For the time being, it says that the wiki was given a surname by the Shimazu family, the lord of the Satsuma domain, but is that true?

Is it such an easy way to give a surname?


Well, at this time, it doesn't matter what it is, "Fortune Garden Kyoto".

Wow, the interior is also gorgeous.

I think the wedding here is definitely good.


There are no people at all on weekday evenings.

As expected, it is operated by a large company. It doesn't matter whether the customer comes or not, regardless of profitability.

Thank you!


Maybe it's hard to get in the exterior, only for weddings and restaurants, not for cafes?

There are no people at all for various reasons, so you can spend a very relaxing and quiet time lol.

In fact, I finished writing one proposal.


Suddenly the courtyard is a bamboo grove.

I wonder if I will take a commemorative photo of the wedding here.


The coffee tastes good.

You can also expect lunch and dinner.

Looking at the website, it seems that the rooftop will be open in the summer and it will look like a beer garden.

I want to go this. The atmosphere will be good.

Fortune Garden Kyoto
386-2 Ichinofunairi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto





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