We have a nice tableware and daily necessities in Kyoto. ” gallery HITAMUKI”

As expected, there are many shops for vessels and crafts in the city.

There are many craftsmen, and there are many Japanese restaurants, so there is demand for vessels and plates.

It will inevitably overflow in the city.

Especially recently, there are many shops that sell crafts of contemporary artists.

I make things from a modern perspective, saying, "I like this kind of old vessel."

You can find plates and vessels that have a good balance between old goodness and modern taste.


"Gallery direct" is one such shop.

The location is a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station. It is located along Teramachi-dori, north of Oike-dori.

This area is also a mecca for plates and vessels that are lined with antique dealers.


This is a square plate by a potter, Mansaku Nakao.

A free and open atmosphere like Rosanjin Kitaoji.

Heta-uma characters make you feel humor, and the surrounding floral patterns are bright.

It makes you feel old and new.


This is also a fun vessel with the character "fortune" drawn without a keren taste.

It's like Japanese style like Chinese.

If it is used in Nagasaki's Hanamachi at the end of the Edo period, it will be a picture.

There is a little flower. It's pop.


This is a very modern, simple and minimalist vessel.

It seems to be Francfranc anymore.


Not only vessels, but also place mats.

There is, but the homepage says that crafts from all over the country are ~, but it's almost a vessel lol.


This is a coarse porcelain soil meshiwan by So Terui, a writer from Arita Town, Saga Prefecture.

A minimalistic bowl that does not use color. Hmmm.

It doesn't look like tableware from the Yayoi period, but it looks like it is now.

On the contrary, I dare not use colors.


This is also Mr. Takeshi Terui's "Blue Line Engraved Meshiwan".

Hmmm, I think there was something like this in a bowl made by mass production in the Showa era, but it's a writer's thing.

The beauty of the lines and the chubby form make it a unique item that was unlikely.

The familiarity of déjà vu and the sense of twist are in harmony.


There is also a wooden bowl.

In addition to pottery, lacquer ware and glass are the main items.

There aren't any over-the-top designs, and many of them are warm.

Many of them are easy to use on a daily basis.

It's a shop where you can think that the dining table will be fashionable if you have all these tableware.

But hey. It's a waste to throw away the existing tableware and plates.

Above all, I feel a guilty conscience for the act of throwing away what is still usable.

Whenever I came to a tableware shop, I was a poor self.

"Directly facing the gallery"
Oike-dori, Teramachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (next to Kyoto City Hall)



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