At the long-established obanzai izakaya “Menami” in Kyoto, I finally thought that obanzai was delicious.

"Menami" is located in Sanjo-dori, Kiyamachi-dori, near Sanjo Kobashi in Kyoto.

Well, a prime location in the old downtown area. How old is it?

Ikedaya is a few houses away, and at the end of the Edo period, the Tosa clan's residence and Choshu clan's residence were nearby.

It's a bar town where the priests of the late Tokugawa period come and go.

In such a prime location in the downtown area, there is "Menami", which has been in business for 70 years.

It seems to be a store that originated in the style of arranging obanzai bowls on the counter.

Izakaya writer Kazuhiko Ohta often writes as a famous izakaya restaurant in Kyoto several times.

That's why I went to an izakaya that represents Kyoto.


Even though it's an izakaya, the so-called office worker manga yagaya,

The price is 3000 yen to drink and eat, and that's not the case.

It may be more like a small izakaya in the Kanto sense.

Edamame is a dashi soybean, and there is usually a drop of pike conger, so you can eat high-quality ingredients exactly.

The appearance is also a tavern, so the threshold is a little high. Well, it looks like a small izakaya.

Inside, the first floor is a counter with large bowls of obanzai, and there are about 4 table seats.

This time to the second floor. This is a tatami mat with a size of about 10 tatami mats, and there are about 5 small tables.

It seems that there are other private rooms.


I wrote that the threshold is high, but don't worry, it's not that high.

Rather, the customer service feels good.

The goya is a bitter gourd ohitashi. Katsuobushi is working. It has a good taste when combined with bitter gourd.


First of all, assorted obanzai. This is a mandatory menu to order.

After all, it's the origin of Kyoto's obanzai, a Kyoto specialty that is now well known all over the country.

Moreover, the cost performance is good for around 1500 yen. And, in fact, it's delicious! !!

This is not an obanzai level. Obanzai is originally home-cooked

Moreover, it seems that it was born from such an idea so as not to leave the ingredients.

Toshi Kashiwai, who has written many books in Kyoto, was a complete denial that obanzai dishes would never be eaten outside by Kyoto people.

I feel that the quality of home-cooked obanzai and that of a long-established izakaya are different.

The machine is also beautiful. It seems that there is also a store called "Utsuwa Minami".


After all, the drop of the pike conger that I ask for at this time. It's summer when you eat this.


Zuiki. This is also a Kyoto-like dish. It's delicious slowly. As expected, there are only famous restaurants and they are delicious.


Smoked potato salad. This is surprisingly weakly smoked, mayonnaise-based sauce? Is too strong

The taste of the ingredients was not enhanced.

However, it was really delicious in total.

Or maybe it's the first time I thought it was delicious in Kyoto obanzai.

A store that sells obanzai, often renovated from Kyomachiya

It is clearly different from the so-called tourist shop Obanzai.

It's also different from the obanzai that Kyoto people have eaten at home.

Isn't it a quality obanzai for eating out for Kyoto people?

So, I wonder if I've been doing this for 70 years in such a prime location in a historical downtown area.

Oryori Menami

96 Nakajima-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8004 (east side of Sanjo-dori, Kiyamachi)
Phone 075-231-1095
Business hours 17: 00-23: 00 (order stop 22:30)
Regular holiday Sunday (If Sunday is a national holiday, the following Monday is a regular holiday)

96 Nakajima-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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