[Fujitei] A little-known lunch at a long-established caterer in Kyoto.

Kyoto is an area where many caterers are still open.

A caterer is a business form that prepares and brings food for banquets and tea play.

This is what we call a delivery lunch box shop.

Naturally, there are needs because there are many teahouses left in Kyoto.

It's not quite a big banquet to have a banquet and ask a caterer in everyday life.

What is different from a bento shop is its quality.

My husband can't convince me that "it's a lunch box, so it's like this" lol.

It's a world where people say that you have to put together the dishes that the chef has worked hard to make, one by one.


One such caterer is "Fujitei".

The place is about 7 minutes on foot from Marutamachi station.

This area is a quiet residential area, but there are famous stores here and there.

It is an area with goods.


Already quietly.

It's a chilly atmosphere, and I've always been interested in it.

I thought that the long-established aura was also very expensive, and when I looked at the menu posted at the storefront,

"Kyoto-style bento" 1210 yen

"Tempura set meal" 1320 yen

"Unaju" 1540 yen

Yeah, it ’s cool! Lol


Inside the store. You can hear the voice from the kitchen in the back, but the customer space is quiet.

Yes, there was no one lol.

After all, it seems that the main product is catering and the number of visitors is small.

Is this a little-known spot?


There seems to be a second floor.

I wonder if we can have a banquet here.


By the way, Kyoto-style bento.

Actually, I asked my son.

Of course, as a child, I like hamburger steak and chicken rice, and even if I see Japanese food, I'm not the type that moves my heart at all.

When I see sashimi, rice, omelet, rice, simmered food, and rice, it's flowing like it's flowing.

It's delicious lol.


Speaking of myself, Unaju.

Well, the amount is different from the so-called Unaju, but lol.

It's a lunch box.


Grilled, more steamed, eel.

Very soft. I think this will come in handy for older people as well.


And a small bowl that you can't see in Tokyo.

Eh, Japanese pepper is so much.

Do you mean this?


Like Kyoto, which is a Japanese pepper LOVE, there was plenty of Japanese pepper powder on it,

Is this even more real sansho there! I did it.

Yeah, it's delicious. This way of eating is not in Tokyo.

Well, Japanese food feels good. Refreshing. And satisfied.

A fashionable creative Japanese lunch that is a renovation of a Machiya is a lunch that is common in Kyoto, but

If you are an advanced tourist in Kyoto, you dare to eat lunch that the locals eat, no, even Kyoto people know it.

Waza-ari lunch, where you eat the prepared food at the store, is also good.

439 Uoyacho, Higashiiri, Tominokoji, Takeyamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto




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