Manga and hearty lunch “Flight in Kikuya”

Lunch at "Flight In Kikuya", a coffee shop located on Gokomachi-dori, Sanjo-dori.

It's an old-fashioned coffee shop, but the inside is pretty clean.

I have no idea why it is "flight in". ..


The inside of the store is woody. A coffee shop that looks like a pension or 80's.

It doesn't feel messy, it just feels calm. All seats are non-smoking. And almost male customers.

This is a cafe that doesn't feel popular. However, that was an oasis for men.




Mini manga cafe? The more you think, the more manga you have. Moreover, they are all beautiful.

The lineup is not "One Piece", but "Twilight Meteor Shower", "Island Kosaku", etc.

For middle-aged people. Well, the customer base of this store is strongly reflected in the collection of books.


Looking at the tabelog, there are only 2 reviews. Moreover, there is no writing for lunch.

So, I didn't understand the contents of the lunch at all, so I ordered something like "Kikuya lunch" for the time being.

Soups, salads, mini spaghetti, fried foods, and original menus came out.

Kikuya bowl! Stir-fried beef and onions were put on rice, and the seaweed was put on at the end.

Kikuya bowl, delicious! It feels like rice made by a man when living alone.

Insanely intimate taste.


On the contrary, it's a taste that can be made by cooking so much. ..

Also, if you have a bowl like this, I definitely want a spoon, but only chopsticks.

This strange feeling is like a house living alone. ..

However, there are fried foods and a little spaghetti napolitan that looks like a coffee shop.

The volume is also quite good, and men will be satisfied.

A coffee shop that is fashionable, suitable for women, and has the opposite vector. But it's reasonably clean.

It's not bad.

Flight in Kikuya
316-1 Ebiya-cho, Gokomachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone: 075-256-4781

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