In [Kyoto Navel], there was Prince Shotoku’s hexagonal hall and the birthplace of fresh flowers! “Chohoji”

Between Karasuma Oike and Shijo Karasuma, “Chohoji” is right in the middle of Kyoto.

5 minutes walk from Karasuma Oike station, 5 minutes from Shijo and Karasuma stations.

Located in the center of Kyoto, there is actually a “navel of Kyoto” in this temple.

However, even if you hear “Chohoji”, Kyoto people may not know it.

Because most people call this “Rokukakudo”.


By the way, this hexagonal hall called "Kyoto navel" is often mentioned in meetings and explanations of places, but it is actually quite old.

Because it was built by Prince Shotoku! !!


Really? You're from the Nara period. It has nothing to do with Kyoto. I think,

He came to Kyoto looking for lumber to build Shitennoji Temple. Really.

When he was cleansed in a nearby pond, he said that the Buddha he had had stopped moving and would stay here.

No, it's really a real laugh.

Well, let's leave that area alone, but there is something more amazing about this temple.


What a birthplace of fresh flowers! !! This is also amazing. Let's summarize the origin series of Kyoto.

Near the pond where Prince Shotoku cleansed himself, there is a monk's residence, whose ancestor is Ono no Imoko, and this is called "Ikenobo".

Yes, that "Ikenobo".


So, for generations, the chief priest here has been wondering what to do when adding flowers to the Buddhist altar.

It seems that it became a fresh flower in the Muromachi period.

At first it was related to Buddhism. Somehow convinced.

Well, I'm grateful for everything.

Furthermore, it's just called "Kyoto's navel", and it's a tourist spot with the highest level of access in the city.

Next to the Rokkakudo is "Starbucks".

You can see the dawned hexagonal hall from inside the glass-walled building while looking at the coffee.

It is also possible to take a break while sightseeing the tired time of sightseeing in Kyoto.

By all means, when you want to take a quick look around another sightseeing spot in Kyoto, please do.


Its name is "Chohoji", which stands along "Rokkaku-dori". Surrounded by buildings in the super city, it has a dignified gate.

By the way, the song "Sister Sanrokukaku Octopus Nishiki" that remembers the street name of Kyoto is too famous among Kyoto people.

Aneyakoji-dori, Sanjo-dori, Rokkaku-dori, Takoyakushi-dori, and Nishiki Market, singing the streets from north to east and west in order.

This is convenient!


The bill is no longer a hexagonal hall. Speaking of Rokkakudo in Kyoto, this is probably the place.


There are a lot of bills on the back of the gate, and it feels like a lively place.


This is the main hall. It's nice to have a personality.


Big lanterns, hanging curtains and a perfect temple-like atmosphere.




Who supports the incense stick? child?

Or is it a demon?

It's similar to the Sanzen-in bill. I'm not sure.


The principal image. It is glittering and clean. It's loved by the townspeople.


Willow for marriage. A long time ago, when Emperor Saga thought, "I want a bride, I want you!", He said in a dream, "Go to the willow of the Rokkakudo."

It's a little unusual to have a pattern of matchmaking that doesn't have a particular favorite.


I'll pull it a little like this. It looks like Sazaedo Temple in Fukushima. Don't be rugged.

I mean, the gap with the surrounding buildings lol. It's amazing.


You can see it from above by the elevator in the building next door. It's definitely a hexagon.

This is limited to viewing from above!


Then, go back and this is "Kyoto navel".

When Emperor Kanmu made Heiankyo, there was a hexagonal hall in the center of the road, but if you ask,

He seems to have moved a little! It's amazing. There is anything.

So, this stone is the cornerstone at that time.

After that, because it is located in the center of Kyoto, it is called "Kyoto navel".


Fudo Myo-sama is also in the shrine that looks like a cave. There are quite a lot of attractions.


There is also a shop. Convenient to buy souvenirs quickly. "Hesoishi mochi" is famous.

Rokkakudo (Chohoji)
〒604-8134 Rokkaku-dori Higashinotoin Nishiiri Donomae-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL: 075-221-2686
Visiting time: 6: 00–17: 00 (payment time 8: 00–17: 00)
Admission fee: Free (free in the precincts)

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Rokkaku-dori Higashinotoin Nishiiri Donomae-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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