Recommended for playing with children on rainy days in Kyoto! “Kyoto City Youth Science Center”

The Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth is recommended for people who find it difficult to find a place to play with their children on a rainy day in Kyoto.

Recommended for extremely cold days. Because it's indoors.

There are many scientific exhibits that even adults can enjoy, such as dinosaur objects, planetariums, and mirrors.

Yonemura Denjiro's science class is fun, you can play all day long, and the price is low.

Besides, I am happy that it will be useful for children to study.


The place is Keihan train "Fujinomori station" get off. About 5 minutes on foot.

It is easily accessible by train, and I am grateful that there is a parking lot even if I go by car. It's wide and easy to stop.


A little university-sized. This seems to be playable all day long.


When you enter the hall, Tyrannosaurus will welcome you.

This raises the tension!


Anyway, various experiments and experience devices are lined up in the hall.

This is a wall with many mirrors.

When I stand in front of this. .. Enjoy going.

In addition to the mirror system, the inside of the capsule is a mirror,

There is also a device that allows you to experience a mysterious experience as if you were in a tremendous distance.


It is a mysterious place where completely different genres such as dinosaurs, weather, and electricity are connected from the perspective of science.


This is a scope that shows the ultra-small micro world.

By the way, this is a video of the clothes I was wearing with a scope.

It's fun to be able to hit various things on the scope.


This is an experimental corner where something starts to go crazy.

"What happens if you put this in liquid nitrogen?"

It's a fun classroom like a participatory show.

What's more, it's good to study.


This is "Let's compare! The city of Kyoto and the Sahara Desert".

You can experience the climate when you enter each room. .. ..


In the summer climate of Kyoto, the camera lens becomes cloudy in an instant! !!

Hmmm really? Then, in the summer of Kyoto, I wouldn't be able to use the camera. ..

What is the temperature difference?

The discomfort index is higher than the heat of the Sahara Desert. ..


Also electrical laboratory equipment. Around here, it's difficult to explain, and honestly, even adults don't understand.

I want a little more guidance.


The transition of the sky is projected on the huge screen.

Hmm subtle.


Lined with retro laboratory equipment.

It's kind of like the base of the science special search team that appeared in Ultraman in the 70's.


Anyway, each laboratory equipment is stupid.


I wonder if this is for the upper grades of elementary school.

Well I do not know.


An experimental instrument that tests the refraction of light.

The feeling that there is no correct answer for how to play is a science-based facility.


I changed places and went outside. This round one is a planetarium.

The atmosphere is a little like retrofuturism.


You can study hard.

As a parent, you can also enjoy the feeling of doing something good for your child.


If you get tired of studying and indoors, you might go out and play tag.

It is a facility where you can play with your children in a healthy manner.

As a parent, I think it's a perfect score of 100 today, and it also enhances the self-satisfaction of parents.


There is also a classroom where you can make tops while being taught.

There are experiments and classrooms here and there, so it is recommended that you first look at the timetable when you enter the museum.


There is also a library and audiovisual room in another building (Kyoto Ecology Center).

You can take a break from this.

Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth

13 Fukakusa Ikenouchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-0031
TEL.075-642-1601 FAX.075-642-1605

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13 Fukakusa Ikenouchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

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