Kyoto’s long-established pork cutlet shop “Tonman” surviving in Kyoto, Kansai with a strong beef faith

First of all, an excuse.

Speaking of a long-established store in Kyoto, there is a feeling that it is useless to say that it is not hundreds of years old.

Tonkatsu has a short history (certainly pork cutlet after the Meiji era, the notation "tonkatsu" is Showa),

"Tonman", which has been in business for 60 years, is a long-established pork cutlet.

History of pork cutlet.

In Tokyo, the long-established Western-style restaurant "Renga-Tei" in Ginza issued a pork cutlet in the Meiji era.

Change from beef to pork and serve with cabbage.

After that, in the Showa era, "Punch Tei" in Tokyo cuts the meat and serves it in a Japanese set meal style of miso soup and pickles.

This became established as a "pork cutlet set meal", and "pork cutlet" became popular.
So, "Tonkatsu" is quite Kanto food.

In fact, beef worship is strong in Kyoto and Kansai.

I like birds, but I can't deny that pigs have a low priority.

In addition, as represented by "Beef cutlet specialty store Katsu beef" and beef cutlet sandwiches served at a slightly nifty bar in Kyoto.

There are many cooking methods in which the center of the meat is rare red and the gradation goes outward, the more it becomes gray with fire.

Almost this. One-sided. Well, it looks good, though.

I feel like I like it a little bit. That's why the pig feels like it's looking down.
Under such circumstances, it would not have been an ordinary effort for Mr. Tonman to come to a pork cutlet specialty store for 60 years.

In fact, are there a few customers?

A certain weekday lunch break. The nearest station is Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station, which is about a 5-minute walk.

When I was looking at the menu in front of the store in Tominokoji-dori Aneyakoji-dori,

You can talk to the grandmother who looks like a landlady in the shop.

Well, there aren't any other stars in particular, so I went inside.

Even so, I thought it would be quite difficult for such a grandmother to bargain.

It's a prime location in Kyoto. If you look closely, the store next door is also "Tonman".

Is this a casual line?

Isn't it necessary to make a considerable amount of sales to maintain such a site in this prime location?


From the street, the entrance that seems to be Kyoto goes through a small alley that is wide enough for one person, and when you go to the back, you will see a Machiya-style store.

This is cool.


The inside has a calm atmosphere with the lights turned off a little. It feels good.

If you open it as a coffee shop, it's quite shiny and it seems like a hideaway.

Inside the store, there is a pair of elderly suits.

Well, the price is not cheap, and the customer base is high.

Good for company executives to have a peaceful lunch.


There is no clean and gorgeous decoration around the table and he likes it. How nice. It's Showa.

However, a pretty landlady-like grandmother is coming.

I hope you can leave me alone.

Then, I ordered a pork cutlet set meal of 1200 yen.


Yes, this is a pork cutlet set meal. Showa feeling is good. The appearance of the food is nice.


The crispy batter seems to go well with rice.

Let's eat!

Crispy! Suka! !!

lie? It ’s super meaty. .. Really? It's out Kyoto Standard.

Certainly, there was a feeling that "the old Japanese people were small, and I wonder if it was about this amount."

But at least, let's make the pork cutlet just thick.

Absolutely small lunch, decided.

The taste is also good. .. I wonder if the old pork cutlet was like this. ..

The so-called thick loin meat bites tightly, and the sweetness of the fat bursts out! It's not a system.

It's a pork cutlet that is like a company food at the government office.

The pork cutlet that the hotel caterer's part-time job eats at the company food in the basement of the hotel.

It is said that it has a certain taste, but the thinness of the meat is

It reminds me of the company food of the part-time job era. personally.

It's a pork cutlet that seems to suit elderly people.
On my way home, the proprietress-like person said something like, "Are you working near here? Please invite your colleagues as well."

It's hard to come. I wonder if it's tough.

Tominokoji-dori Anekoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
11: 30-14: 00
19: 00-21: 00 (LO / 20: 30)
Regular holiday: Sunday

Aneyakoji-dori, Tominokoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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