The 300-year-old Japanese lunch is still loved and prosperous! “Matsucho”

A 2-minute walk from Kyoto City Hall Station, 300 years old! Lunch at Japanese restaurant "Matsunaga".

Founded in the first year of Kyoho (1716), it was around the time of Yoshimune Tokugawa in the Edo period. .. It's too amazing. As expected, Kyoto.

However, the threshold is not high at all. I mean, I don't even notice it for 300 years.

The people at the shop are also very friendly, and on the contrary, this casual feeling is amazing for 300 years.


Entered around 12:30 on weekdays. The first floor is very busy with counters and table seats. Gissiri.

I thought it would be tough, but there is a second floor where you can smoke.


When you go to the 2nd floor, there is no one, unlike the 1st floor. A tatami room that you can bring to a banquet.

There are four tables, including eight seats and four seats. This is a little-known spot.

Well, I feel a little lonely in the daytime.


For lunch, daily set meal 850 yen, grilled fish set meal 950 yen, sukiyaki set meal 900 yen,

Sashimi set meal 1100 yen, etc.

Since this is the first time for me, I ordered the daily set meal written on the top.

This day was grilled mackerel. Yeah, mackerel is definitely.

The feature of the set meal here is that it comes with steamed tea. It ’s not a restaurant-style fluffy restaurant,

The surroundings are pudding type, especially torotoro type, a little homely type. It's delicious.

The soup stock is working. It's also interesting that udon is on the bottom.

The side dish, spinach with sesame sauce, has a bitter taste and is an adult taste.

It has an adult taste overall. It's not flashy, but the soup stock works well,

It feels good without the strange sweetness.
Another thing to note is the free rice replacement!

It's an image that it takes time to replace you when you're on the second floor,

Just press the intercom for those who want it and they brought me a replacement meal!

This is a great service!

It's been amazing for 300 years with its flashy production, specialties, and a straightforward taste.

589 Hiiragi-cho, Oike-dori, Takakura-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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