Shibakyu, a famous store in Ohara, Kyoto, the birthplace of Shibazuke

"Shibazuke" is the birthplace of Kyoto Ohara. Actually, it is written as "purple leaf pickles".

If you pickle Japanese ginger or eggplant on the shiso leaves that grow in summer, it will be just right in autumn.

Because Ohara is a famous production area of ​​shiso. It is inevitable that Shibazuke will be born.

After all, I want to buy Shibazuke as a souvenir and go home.

We recommend Shibakyu, a famous Shibazuke restaurant in Ohara, Kyoto.


Immediately after leaving Sanzen-in, go down the Uoyama Bridge along the river and you will see a cool alley.


On the way, there is a step in the river, so the noise is cool. Negative ions are coming out.


If you walk for about 5 minutes, you will find the famous Shibazuke restaurant "Shibakyu" in Ohara.


A cool specialty "cucumber ice cream" soaked in groundwater. The soup stock of kelp is effective and delicious.


It seems that we also offer shipping services all over the country.


Odai, Shibazuke "Kizami Aka-zuke". It's so royal road, so why don't we try something different?


"Butterbur sprout miso" made by boiling butterbur sprout and miso.

In addition to pickled shibazuke, Shibakyu devises various products using vegetables from Ohara.


So, after all, I bought this as a souvenir. "Blue shiso for rice balls".

Wrap a whole rice ball in one piece and you have a shiso rice ball! The fun is good. 500 yen for 10 pieces.

However, when I actually used it, there was one caveat. If you roll it as it is, it will be messy and salty.

Therefore, it is better to water it once and then wind it.

It is a flavorful souvenir that you can feel the village of Ohara even after returning home.

Location: 58 Oharashorinincho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-1241
Phone: 075-744-2226

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