The romance stage of Kyoto restaurant Kogoro Katsura and Ikumatsu is closed! Remembering the day [Ikumatsu]! Part 1

A long-established restaurant in Kyoto, the inn "Ikumatsu". Those who come to this name will be fans of the late Tokugawa period.

The name of Kogoro Katsura's lover is "Ikumatsu". This restaurant is where the two of us piled up Aise.

However, in 2020, this famous restaurant was finally closed. Awesome new corona.

This time, I would like to introduce the appearance of "Ikumatsu", which has a high historical value.


How to get to "Ikumatsu" is a 5-minute walk from "Kyoto City Hall Station" and "Sanjo Station".

There is an entrance along Kiyamachi-dori to the north on Oike-dori, and from there it is behind a narrow slope.

This slope is very Kyoto-like.


The entrance is imposing.

As expected it is a long-established store.

I feel like a Shishi at the end of the Edo period.


Rather than being elegant, it has a brave design in places.

Was this area also a favorite of Kogoro Katsura?


"Ikumatsu" is well worth the building alone,

It is also valuable as a site for historical events.


There is also an armor helmet at the entrance, so let's make it a samurai residence.

The Shinsengumi would have come in with a slapstick saying, "I'm sorry for the change!"


The waiting room at the back of the entrance is Western-style at once.

After all, in this era, the Japanese-Western mix is ​​extreme and it is interesting to make.


Originally it was a wash basin, but the uchiwa of Maiko and Geiko is displayed.

I wonder if geisha play can be a big deal in a lifetime.


Wow, it's a corridor.

Shishi at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate will talk about a dashing defeat while playing geisha.


It is a two-story building, and the second floor is a private room.

It was a long time ago that this private room was open as an inn.

The store has closed, but I think the management right will change and it will be open again soon.

It's a waste.


Yukimi shoji seems to be a Japanese house.

I wonder if guests are having breakfast here.


By the way, when you make a reservation for lunch at "Ikumatsu", if you offer a tour, you will be shown Kogoro Katsura's room.

When Kogoro Katsura was having a secret talk with the scholars, the Shinsengumi rushed in.

If it's a taiga drama at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, Ikumatsu missed Kogoro Katsura through a secret passage to Kamogawa outside the window.

It is the scene of the scene that I do almost every time.

This is a room I want you to leave for a long time in the future.


I guess I swam through this Kamo River and escaped.

By the way, the summer floor is also good.


The shop staff will explain it, but I entered the world of delusions on the way, so I didn't listen to it much and laughed.

After kicking this folding screen, the Shinsengumi rushed in, and after that, it was a sword fight.


Pictures of Kogoro Katsura and Ikumatsu are also displayed.

When Kogoro Katsura was chased from Kyoto, he hid himself in Izushi in Hyogo and had a family.

Even so, Ikumatsu-san is a strong woman because she will be reunited with Ikumatsu after that.


It seems that this book was also a famous person. ..

I should have listened to it properly lol.

And for lunch, continue to the second part.

Go up Oike, Kiyamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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