Lunch is cheap! Karasuma Oike’s common people’s ally “Soto”

A 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station, lunch at "Soto" in Aneyakoji-dori Higashinotoin Higashiiriru.

The recommendation is the "daily lunch" for 680 yen! Cheap! Moreover, there is volume! The taste is also reasonable.

That's why it's always popular with young customers. This price is unlikely at Karasuma Oike.

Besides, "fried chicken set meal" 730 yen, "fried mackerel Tatsuta-grated ponzu-set meal" 730 yen,

It is wonderful that the "pork ginger-grilled set meal" is 750 yen and the main course is about 700 yen.

All set meals include rice, two small plates, pickles and soup.

You can choose rice from ordinary rice and 16-grain rice. Thank you for your healthy care.


The entrance is underground, so go down the narrow stairs. The first floor is a popular izakaya.

The interior of the store is a low-cost interior with bare concrete. However, on the contrary, it feels fashionable. It feels like it's for young people.

In fact, many of our customers are young. It feels like a student, a young office worker, and an office lady.

Very casual. It will be a bar completely at night.


Cold udon noodles will appear in the summer. After all summer is here.

Mix the mentaiko well and then sip, sip, and sip!

In no time. I finish eating in about 2 minutes. ..

By the way, the Sanuki udon type is chewy.

For some reason, the chilled Sanuki udon noodles get so excited that I eat them all at once.

Set meal shop soto
Inoue Building B1F, 446 Sasaya-cho, Higashinotoin-dori, Aneyakoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075-212-5161
Business hours 11: 30-15: 00 18: 00-24: 00
Closed every day

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