I really don’t want to tell tourists !? The story of “Myokenji”, a little-known spot for cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto.

There are many cherry blossom and cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto, but all of them are crowded and you can't see them slowly.

The cherry blossoms at Kodaiji Temple are famous, but when it's so crowded, it's on the way.

It makes me feel like "I don't care about cherry blossoms anymore, so let's go home."

When that happens, it's no longer a trend.

So, after all, I want to enjoy the cherry blossoms without crowds.

I found a cherry blossom viewing spot that can answer such concerns.

I don't really want to teach you much,

After all, access is not so good, so it's okay lol.

The place is about a 15-minute walk from Kuramaguchi on the Karasuma Line. Well, it's a slightly distant distance at a minor station.


However, thanks to that, there are no people at all even on a sunny Sunday.

I really appreciate this.

The cherry blossoms around Higashiyama are already crowded with people.

Compared to that, this is heartwarming. Coupled with the soft spring light, you can feel soft in your heart.


Chokushimon and Sakura. It's a cherry blossom viewing that is very Kyoto-like.

By the way, the Chokushimon is the person who delivers the letter from the emperor called the Chokushi.

He is the one who brings the letter from the emperor, so every temples have to deal with it very politely.

As a result, many temples and shrines have gates dedicated to envoys.

That's why the family crest is usually the chrysanthemum crest. Convinced.


The precincts are reasonably large, but it's not too wide and it's a good size for a walk.

You can relax and enjoy the cherry blossoms in this area.


Even so, if you think that it is a magnificent temple though it is not well known at all,

It is said to be the head temple of the Nichiren sect and the first temple of the Nichiren sect in Kyoto.


I really want to lay a sheet under the cherry tree and eat a lunch box.

I think it's bad because it's in the precincts.

I managed to suppress myself, who was about to lose the lack of this person and was about to go out of control.


There is also a stone monument because Ogata Korin, the ancestor of the Rinpa school, was the Dan family of this temple.

However, I don't understand why it wasn't explained too much.
That is often the case in Kyoto.


After leaving Myokenji Temple, head to Myokakuji Temple. Anyway, the weeping cherry tree in front of the front gate is a specialty.

It becomes a super picture. This is a level that can appear in the "Yes, Kyoto, let's go" campaign at any time.

However, this little-known feeling. If you go, it will be now.

This front gate is said to be the remains of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Jurakudai.


And, if you like Sengoku, there is another trivia you should know.

This Myokaku Temple was Oda Nobunaga's fixed camp in Kyoto.

Nobunaga has been to Kyoto more than 20 times, but he has stayed 18 times.

It seems that the famous Honnoji Temple has actually stayed only three times.

Did history change if I stayed here that day?

It is unique to Kyoto to see cherry blossoms while pondering such historical romance.


A park in the immediate vicinity of Myokenji Temple, Myokakuji Temple and the cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto.

This is also a good park as a cherry blossom viewing spot.

You can finally spread your lunch here.

In a park like this, in Tokyo it would be a banquet with a lot of people. It's wonderful.

We enjoyed the Kyoto Yururi cherry blossom viewing walk.

Myokenji Temple Office
514 Myokenjimaecho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

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