“Noodles and Takakura Nijo”, a pork bone seafood tsukemen that is very Kyoto-like

Lunch at the popular ramen shop "Takakura Nijo" in Kyoto, which is located down Takakura-dori Nijo, with the same name.

About 10 minutes from Karasuma Oike Station. A ramen shop in the Center of Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward.

Located in a quiet area south of Kyoto Gosho, the exterior looks like a small restaurant. Kyoto has a Japanese taste.


f you look at the homepage, you can see the concept of ramen, entitled "Our commitment".

"We aim to be a business that pleases sellers, buyers, the world, everything!"

The policy of Omi merchants is good.

However, Kyoto really likes to declare the concept.

There seems to be a commitment to ramen, but I don't say that in detail.

However, the concept seems to be the same source of medicine and food. However, I don't use any chemical seasonings, especially

I don't know which one is the same source of medicine and food. .. I'm more interested in that information!


Only the counter has about 8 seats in the store. The kitchen is right in front of you. It's so beautiful that it's not unsightly.


Various seasonings. The characteristic of this chain is that it has Garam masala.

Now for lunch. Basically, two types of games, ramen and tsukemen!

It seems that Yuzu ramen and seasonal menus will be added there.


I ordered Tsukemen. Noodles are like ramen or soba noodles. This is a Japanese taste and Kyoto-like.

It seems to have something to do with claiming to be the same source of medicine and food, but there is no information about that at all.

The roasted char siu is truly delicious. It can be thick.


The soup is not thick at all and is crispy. But the taste is rich.


There are Japanese tastes everywhere, such as roasted green onions.

Yakitori shop? Soba shop? What if you make ramen? Ramen. It feels a little richer than Kamo Nanban.

It can be said that it is a ramen that embodies the image of Kyoto-like ramen that tourists think.

Noodles and Nijo Takakura
64-1 Kannoncho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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