[Gion Manma] Kyoto Gion’s charcoal-grilled cooking is aimed at a lunch of 3,500 yen.

When you hear about Kyoto and Gion, the threshold seems to be high, but "Gion Manma" is a good restaurant where you can easily enter food while being authentic.

Why is it easy to enter? Maybe the store opened recently, the owner is also young, so somehow,

Maybe it's because they seem to be able to sympathize with each other, aren't they still new to Gion?

By the way, my husband is from a famous restaurant in Gifu.

That also reassures Gion beginners.


In addition, the store is brand new, and it may be because there is no long-established store.

While saying that, its ability is with origami. It has also been selected as the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2020.

The place is in the middle of Gion, about 8 minutes on foot from Gion-Shijo Station.


The inside of the store is also neat and open. A cafe-like openness. Lunch feels good.

This may be the reason why I get a casual impression.

In the back is a charcoal-grilled area like a hearth. I see, this can be expected to be baked.


Sudden meal!

This is unusual. While saying that, the method of kaiseki is to warm the stomach with white rice like warm porridge first.

Because there is, I think it follows that.

The miso soup of baby corn is also light.

In a proper tea kaiseki, it feels like putting a modern sensibility and a playfulness that is not too tied to tradition.


This set meal for children. This is also delicious for adults! (Oh, I got it from a little child)

To be honest, I always think that a Japanese-style restaurant has a slightly Western-style set for children.

It's so delicious that I'm a little jealous of it every time.

With dishes that make good use of Japanese technology in Western food.

I want this menu to be served for lunch at any Japanese restaurant!


And this was delicious.

Nori and plum are good.


Bowl. Grilled fish in spring wild plants such as rape blossoms.

When I put the grilled fish in the bowl, I can completely feel the intention that "I am a melon."

The aroma of the grilled taste spreads in the juice and it is certainly delicious.


The pottery is lotus root. Is that so?

When chewed, it has a chewy texture and the inside is fluffy. A taste full of wildness.

I wonder if the fried food was butterbur sprout. Crunchy. Crispy. The texture is good.


Rolled fish.

Only the surface is quickly roasted, and the fat between the skin and the body is juicy.

The light taste of white meat goes well with the rugged grilled taste.


Sprinkle plain hot water on the rice cooked in a clay pot.

Here too, the koge taste of the clay pot spreads in the hot water.

My husband likes insanely grilled and koge flavors lol.

I also want to go to a yakiniku restaurant made by this husband.


The sweetness is also full of flavor. I like this kind of small plate.


Refresh with matcha.

Thank you for your feast.

While giving the impression of authentic Japanese food that is typical of Gion, I like the feeling that the ingredients are freely selected and the cooking methods are crowded.

In about 5 years, I think it will be about Michelin stars.

By the way, lunch is 3500 yen only for the tea kaiseki course. The price is also good.

It seems that there will be no reservations, and the price will be 5000 yen or more.

It was a shop that made me feel the growth margin.

Gion Manma
347-108 north side of Gion-machi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto



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