Kyoto in early summer is a famous place for green leaves! “Tofukuji Temple” [Part 3] Mirei Shigemori’s stone garden

Tofukuji Temple, part 3 is the stone garden of Mirei Shigemori. A gardener representing the Showa era.

He has left many works such as working on the garden of Matsuo Taisha Shrine, but speaking of Mirei Shigemori's masterpiece,

After all it will be this Tofukuji Hojo Garden. The official name is "Tofukuji Honbo Garden".

Originally a monk's residence in a temple called "Hojo", it later served as a reception room.

It is quite rare that the garden is arranged so as to surround the "Hojo" from north, south, east and west.

So, let's start with the "South Garden".


South garden and Hojo seen from the crossing corridor. The steep stonework is excellent.


The sand is swirling. It's like the flow of a river, or the sea.


I like the slightly floating feeling of the temple corridor. I really want to fill this area with water instead of dry landscape garden.


The garden in front of Hojo is like a front door. What time is it when the door over there opens?


came out! Checkered pattern. It is expressed by pruning Satsuki. It's a bold garden. It's modern.

West garden. Also known as "Ida no Niwa".


At the back of Ida's garden is the Tentsu Bridge. The fresh green trees are like clouds that are fluffy,

It feels as if the temple itself is in the air.


On the way from the west garden to the north garden, there is a terrace-like spot like a protruding lectern.

It just seems to be floating. Green stains my eyes.


Tofukuji Temple is large, so we recommend taking a break here.

The cool breeze winds and turns.


came out! Checkered pattern in the north garden! This is famous. A bold garden like this contemporary art in an old temple.

What's more, expressing it with stones and moss. There is also pop that is similar to English gardening.


The contrast between the flat stone square and the fluffy moss is interesting.


Unfortunately, the weather was so good that the sun turned brown. .. .. I want to choose the day when this comes.


Unfortunately, the weather was so good that the sun turned brown. .. .. I want to choose the day when this comes.


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