Kyoto in early summer is a famous place for green leaves! “Tofukuji Temple” [Part 4] Tentsubashi

"Tentsubashi", one of the three famous bridges of Tofukuji Temple.

After all, it is famous for the "Yes, let's go to Kyoto" campaign of JR East.

"I cut all the cherry blossoms 600 years ago. It's a temple that chose autumn over spring."

"The best position for autumn leaves was the way of training."

Is a catch phrase. If you plant a cherry tree, it will surely become a playground later.

It seems that he cut a cherry tree. Then I think I should have planted it from the beginning. ..

Furthermore, when I read the poster, it seems that Kaede here is Kaede Mitsuha, whose leaves are divided into three.

I did not know. And I didn't see it properly. If you are going from now on, please be careful.

Anyway, it's a famous place for autumn leaves, but of course green leaves are good. Don't miss this too.


It's a long bridge. Is it about 100 meters long? Because it was a Tentsu Bridge, it was as if it was floating in the air.

pleasant. It's like walking on a green cloud.


Hojo looks like a castle in the sky. Superb view.


A special seat that protrudes a little. You can see the Gaun Bridge. Place your hand on the parapet here and take a breath.


Look at Hojo. I want to run in the crossing corridor.


I've crossed over. I wonder why the temple was built in such a place.


If you climb further up, you will come to a mysterious spot again, but that will be the next time.

Tofukuji Temple
15-778 Honmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto


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