Homemade pho Vietnamese food “Tiem an HUONG VIET”

A Vietnamese restaurant located about 5 minutes on foot from Karasuma Oike Station

Lunch at "Tiem an HUONG VIET". long.

One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Kyoto. Even the tabelog is highly evaluated at 3.52.

The main dish is Vietnamese home-cooked food, and it seems better to use it as an izakaya for drinking at night.

So what does lunch look like?

「ティエム アン フォーン ヴィエット(Tiem an HUONG VIET)」外観

The appearance is full of Asian taste, or rather it has an atmosphere like a street stall in Vietnam.

「ティエム アン フォーン ヴィエット(Tiem an HUONG VIET)」内観

The atmosphere inside the store is also nice. The green walls and lighting have a kitsch feel and are exotic.

On the contrary, a slightly cheap feeling such as a jug with cold and seasonings is fashionable.

The slightly dim lighting makes me sleepy as usual. ..

Homemade raw pho, Bun Bohue, Mienger and of course Vietnamese food are lined up for lunch.

This time, of course, homemade pho.

「ティエム アン フォーン ヴィエット(Tiem an HUONG VIET)」ランチ

All lunches come with fresh spring rolls. It's also fun to roll it up and eat it yourself.

「ティエム アン フォーン ヴィエット(Tiem an HUONG VIET)」フォー

And PHO! I was wondering if Vietnamese food with an exotic atmosphere would be okay,

After all it was no good in Kyoto. A small bowl. .. Vietnamese people are also surprised at Pho.

I have already given up on this. However, the taste is delicious. Well, if you inhale vigorously, you will finish eating in 1 minute.

The chewy homemade raw pho, crispy bean sprouts, and light soup go well together.

「ティエム アン フォーン ヴィエット(Tiem an HUONG VIET)」スイーツ

Dessert is also included properly. Also Vietnamese coffee. You can refresh yourself.

This is good for girls, isn't it? Although the amount is small, it comes with raw spring rolls, pho,

Dessert and Vietnamese coffee are included, so you will be satisfied.

However, it's hard to make a man lunch in Kyoto.

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118 Oshikoji Higashinotoin Nishiiri, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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