Healthy “Kitchen Harina” with ingredients that show the production area

"Kitchen Harina" is located in Sakyo Ward, a 5-minute walk from Mototanaka of Eizan Electric Railway.

Anyway, I pay attention to food safety, such as knowing the origin of ingredients and the process of production.

Even so, there are many shops in Sakyo Ward that have a sincere perspective on food.

I wonder if such people will be attracted to Sakyo Ward.

"Don't be fooled by major food manufacturers!"

This is a good story for families with children.

As the owner says, the taste is like home cooking, where the taste of the ingredients is directly transmitted.

However, it seems that I was messed up with eating out.

It's not very flashy, but it tastes nice.

Somehow, it seems to appear in Harumi Kurihara or a cookbook of a cooking researcher.

Healthy feeling, jerky feeling, home cooking feeling.


One day, the signboard menu "Harina rice" is 950 yen.

Brown rice goes well with healthy side dishes. Perfect menu structure for those who are on a diet.


Kyoto-style obanzai is yours. The light taste is kind to the body.


If you think about it, there is also ramen. But, of course, this is also a refreshing soy sauce ramen.

Well, it's a homely taste. There is no impact that can be a specialty.


There is also pasta. This is also a home-cooked level rather than Italian.


So, after all, "Harina rice" is recommended for "Harina".

It feels like there is nothing wrong with your body.


And I feel like I can make it at home. Let's use it as a reference for the menu.


Inside the store, there is a large blackboard with the menu for the day.


By the way, you can also buy safe ingredients and seasonings.


The inside of the store is simple. There are many families, and it seems that many people are concerned about food safety.


A shop facing Higashioji. There is no parking lot.

Kitchen Harina
Location: 28-6 Tanaka Okubocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone: 075-724-3568
28-6 Tanaka Okubocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto


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