It was no wonder that the famous Kyoto bar “Akagakiya” has been loved by Natuk for over 90 years!

Akagakiya is a well-established store that is a little respected even in the taverns of Kyoto.

It's no longer a tavern, but a bar. It is a shop with even Showa retro dandyism.

Founded in 1934. It's still before World War II.

"It's good for some nostalgic people, but isn't it a dirty shop?"

There are some suspicions, but it's kind of beautiful even though it's nice.

So, not only the old men, but also many young children, which are well-established but easy to get close to.

I think that's why it's been going on for so many years.

And the price is not so high!

Speaking of Kyoto's long-established bar, "Shinme" is the best of both worlds. However, there are blowfish and soft-shelled turtles,

"Akagakiya" is loved by the common people of Kyoto because high-class ingredients pop out as a matter of course.


Well, I came to "Akagakiya". This time with my family.

I feel a little obscene when this red neon is a modern feeling, and I like the feeling that the sense is different from now.

Is it about an 8-minute walk from Sanjo Station and Jingu-Marutamachi Station to get to Akagakiya?

It stands along the Kamo River, a little far from the center of Kyoto.


When you enter the store, it's not too annoying, but it has a nice atmosphere that makes you feel lively.

This is the Showa bar.

We are creating an atmosphere with our customers.


The interior of the store has a historical texture that exudes from the walls.

Hmmm cool. ..


The inside of the store is large in the back, and there are also private rooms and a tsubo-niwa.

It is a typical townhouse, so it is also recommended for tourists.


Now, let's order now.

First of all, "Kizushi" even if there is nothing. If you have one, be sure to order it.

Ginger and vinegar tighten the mackerel.

As a system, it has a strong acidity, which is close to "Masuda", and the sweetness in it is characteristic.


Manganji pepper. The dried bonito flakes make me cry.

The aroma and bitterness of the roasted taste are delicious.


The tofu goes well with the thick sauce and wasabi.

Speaking of Kyoto, it's Yudofu, but I don't like that light taste.


Oden. Radish, egg, hirosu. Plenty of green onions.

The capacity of radish soup stock is amazing.


Even if I ask for bonito with sashimi, will a different sashimi come? ??

This is tuna, isn't it?

Is it okay because it was delicious?


Yakitori. Don't mess with salt, just sauce.

Beer goes on.


Sake Steamed Clam. This is also the one you almost ask if you are in an izakaya.

The juice is good. Gentle taste. Full of flavor.


Asparagus, meat and cabbage.

Make it junk with mayonnaise.

There is a Japanese-style long-established taste, and there is also a gutsy type, which makes the family happy.


The taste is strong overall, and it is exactly the left party specification.

However, it seemed that this was good for children, so I was screaming.

It's delicious, the atmosphere of the restaurant with the customers is good, and it's great for families with children.

It's definitely a well-known store.

9 Magohashi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto



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