Cherry-blossom viewing at a World Heritage Site! The cherry blossoms in Kyoto [Ryoanji] that were unexpectedly hidden.

Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto is famous for its stone garden.

It is not well known that this is a famous place for cherry blossoms.

There are many cherry blossom trees in the precincts, and you can see them spinning around.

However, when it comes to Ryoanji, it's a stone garden. Moreover, the stone garden and the cherry blossoms can be seen together.

A gorgeous style of cherry blossom viewing at a World Heritage Site.


The parking lot of Ryoanji Temple is free for 1 hour for visitors to the stone garden! Thank you.

Yae weeping cherry blossoms have already welcomed you from the parking lot. Like Niagara Falls.

Alternatively, if you want to get to Ryoanji by train, get off at Keifuku Electric Railroad "Ryoanji Station" and walk for 7 minutes.

Keifuku Electric Railroad is full of local feeling, so it is recommended for those who have time.

By bus, from Kyoto Station, get off at City Bus No. 50 "Ritsumeikan University Mae" and walk for 7 minutes.


Cherry trees are planted here and there in the precincts. The fact that the stone garden is so famous that it is unexpectedly unknown.

According to the guidebook of the Edo period, this "Kyoyo Pond" was more famous than the stone garden.

However. However, it's scattered a lot. .. By the way, I went there on April 10, 2016.

I should have come another week earlier. .. For your information. The cherry blossoms at Ryoanji Temple are in full bloom in early April.


Other than the cherry blossoms, it is beautiful.


Not only the cherry blossoms but also the green leaves are beautiful. The precincts surrounded by trees feel good.

Even so, it was Katsumoto Hosokawa who built this Ryoanji Temple!

The person who started the Onin War.

Naturally, this Ryoanji Temple was also burned down and rebuilt by his son.


Jajan. Stone garden and cherry blossoms. Special scenery only at this time. However, it started to scatter a little.

Ryoanji Rock Garden. Also known as "Torako Passing Garden".

When there are three tiger cubs, one is always ferocious and eats the other tiger cubs.

Therefore, when a parent and child of a tiger cross the river, the parent tiger first makes a ferocious one cross the other side of the river.

Next, the parent turns back and lets him pass the second one.

Then, he brings the ferocious tiger back to the original shore and crosses the river with the third one.

Finally, go back and cross with the ferocious tiger.

In other words, if you leave it only for children, it will be eaten.

I mean, mom, it's super hard!


It feels like a cherry tree is sticking out from the other side of the eaves. I wonder if this kind of arrangement has been calculated.


Autumn is a very elegant garden where you can see the autumn leaves.

A stone garden full of mysteries of unknown author and unknown intention. That alone stirs my imagination.

For that reason, the height of the wall becomes lower as you go to the back, giving you a sense of perspective.

The lower left side is lower, and it is amazing that the design is well thought out, such as calculating drainage.


This kind of cherry blossom viewing is unique to Kyoto.


It's fun to find your favorite angle.


I like cherry blossoms on green leaves.

Ryoanji Temple and cherry-blossom viewing aren't so crowded, I don't think they are so crowded.

This is really important.

You can admire the cherry blossoms calmly.


The interior of Ryoanji Temple looks like this. No, I want to lie down!


There are no cherry blossoms, but the green leaves are beautiful. It's spring.


The cherry blossoms that have already fallen are on the moss.

The contrast with green is brilliant.

Ryoanji Temple is famous for its stone garden, but it's actually very large, so you can discover various things while walking around.

People are also sparse. It's a luxurious place for a walking path.

Ryoanji Temple
13 Ryoanji Goryonoshitamachi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

13 Ryoanji Goryonoshitamachi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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