The autumn leaves are bright red like fresh blood! Eishoin Temple, a famous spot for autumn leaves in Kyoto

Konkai Komyoji Temple and Shinsho-do are famous spots for autumn leaves on the east side of Kyoto. Standing quietly between these two

"Eishoin" is a spot for autumn leaves that everyone in the know knows. Most people pass by.

However, this is one of the most famous spots for autumn leaves in Kyoto.


It's not normally open, so if you want to enter only during the autumn leaves season, please

I'm doing it without any guidance lol.

So, are most people doing it here? Look at it like a glance

I will pass in front of the gate.


For those who are a little awake, look at the autumn leaves in the back of the mountain gate and

I noticed, "What? Isn't that maple really red?"

If you can enter, you will want to see it nearby.


The person who thought so, the correct answer. You should definitely see here.

The garden is only about the size of a rural house,

The Buddha sits in the middle of the garden, and a bright red maple is shelved in front of it.

There is no paradise atmosphere.


An unnamed autumnal spot. So if you don't expect much, when you go through the mountain gate,

Most people exclaim, "Wow!"

It's not crowded and crowded.


A few people in a small garden. It's like a member of this temple or something

It makes me feel like I'm being shown specially.

But it's free! No admission fee! The best.


Fiery red. Obviously, the red is more vivid than the other autumn leaves.


There can be few people. I'm not sick. I can't help but feel good as much as I like.

121 Kurodani-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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