Kyoto,Iwakura’s popular bakery “Les Freres Moutaux Iwakura Main Store”

A super-usable bakery located about 5 minutes by car from Kokusaikaikan Station and 3 minutes on foot from Kino Station.

"Les Freres Moutaux Iwakura Main Store".

Les Freres Moutaux 岩倉本店内観

A beloved bakery in Iwakura where families come in search of constant bread.

One of the reasons for being loved is delicious! Even people who don't like bread can understand this horse.

Les Freres Moutaux 岩倉本店パン

Not to mention plain bread, curry bread, melon bread, of course,

Avocado and salmon sandwich, hot dog, mentaiko bread, pizza bread,

There are all kinds of bread that I can think of, such as chocolate croissants, and there are many target breads.

And all of them are delicious, not the reason why they are strange.

It is also good to have a wide range of variations such as hamburger type and almost sweet type sweet bread.

Les Freres Moutaux 岩倉本店ホールケーキ

Reason for being loved # 3, I feel loved!

If you say "in Yo-Kai Watch's Businyan" on your birthday cake, it will draw a picture of that street.

Somehow strong in order.

Les Freres Moutaux 岩倉本店

It's kind of exciting to buy bread here on holidays and go on a short trip by car.

I'm eating the bread I bought today for the first time, but it's fun to drive while wondering what it tastes like.

It's a bakery that makes you feel like that.

Les Freres Moutaux Iwakura Main Store
Address: 813-3 Iwakura Hataeda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone: 075-724-3299

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