[Yaosan] Recommended souvenirs from Kyoto, how about a long-established seasoning that makes the food taste elegant?

Located on Karasuma Oike and Aneyakoji-dori in Kyoto, the long-established store "8003" has been in business for nearly 300 years.

Founded in 1727, it was originally a greengrocer, but it is a serious shop that sells only the famous "Yuzu Miso".

As a souvenir for sightseeing in Kyoto, how about this gem of Ichiko Soden?

1 minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station.

At first glance, an antique dealer? The store is so elegant that you can mistake it.

If you look at the signboard, you will see the words "Yuzu miso".

It is amazing to keep this store stance with only Yuzu Miso.

Right next to it is "Kamesuehiro". These two houses are insanely picturesque.

This display makes me think that it is an antique shop.

If you think that some cute pottery is displayed, this is a container of yuzu miso.

This is cute.

The inside of the store is simple. I think it's made in the back.

Most of the buildings are manufacturing spaces.

Purchase Yuzu Miso and get it out promptly.


I went home and had a real meal. It's exciting.

And this wrapping is fashionable.

It is a gift rather than a souvenir.


Take the wrapping and wrap it again.

As expected. It is in a matryoshka state.

It feels so respectful that I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Buddha inside.


When you open the small box, it's cute!

Contains pottery like a small yuzu gourd.

This pottery is available in large size 6700 yen, medium size 3650 yen, and small size 2650 yen.

Small size is recommended. The large size is about watermelon, and the medium size is about apple.

Is a small size enough for beginners? It's best to eat it with oden or use it as a condiment.


The taste is sweet miso, which is closer to white miso, plus the refreshing flavor of yuzu.

No, it's elegant.

It is best to match it with cooked radish, konjac, and tofu.

However, as a further use, match it with cheese and crackers, match it with vegetables like Bagna cauda,

There was a usage on the HP that seemed to fit. I see.

It seems to go well with boiled broccoli.

It seems fun to look at how to use it in your own way.


270 Kurumayacho, Higashinotoin, Aneyakoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto


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