“Yama no Ie Hasegawa” A Western-style restaurant with a perfect outdoor feel

Well, he set up a shop in such a remote place! A Western-style restaurant that you can't help but think about.

If you go north in Kyoto, you will see a mountain view at once. There are also mountain roads that lead from Takagamine to Kyotango and the Sea of ​​Japan.

It becomes a deep mountain scenery as if you were lost in the world of old tales.

The number of people cycling has increased, and after about 10 minutes on a mountain road where one car can finally pass,

There is "Mountain House Hasegawa".

山の家 はせがわ外観

A log house villa-like store built by Hasegawa, a popular Western-style restaurant on Kitaoji.

It can be used not only as a Western-style lunch, but also as a cafe while enjoying the atmosphere of the mountains.

Anyway, there are no artificial buildings around, and the scenery surrounded by mountains and trees is the best.

This view is a 10-minute drive from the city. It's unique to Kyoto.

山の家 はせがわ名車

Fashionable cars in the parking lot. It seems that the old car / famous car circle is in the middle of touring.

There are many shops in the mountains that appeal to the Japanese countryside, such as soba udon, but cafe-like shops are valuable.

Well, fashionable car enthusiasts will take a break here.

山の家 はせがわ内観

The inside of the store is a full-scale log house. The sunlight through the trees and the barking of birds are pleasant.

山の家 はせがわテラス

The best seats in this restaurant, of course, are the terrace seats.

山の家 はせがわテーブル

The table is big and cozy. There is also a barbecue menu with the middle board removed.

Reservation required there. Along with ordinary meat, there are wild boar meat, wild boar pot, and so on.

Well, Western food is enough this time.

山の家 はせがわハンバーグ

came out! Fried shrimp and hamburger set meal. Corn soup is also included. This is also rich and delicious.


The fried shrimp is also big and responsive enough. I'm glad that the sauce is also tartar sauce.

The hamburger steak also has a fluffy meat taste. It would be nice to be able to have such a decent meal in such mountains.

山の家 はせがわ子供

There is also a special plate for children, which is helpful.

山の家 はせがわカツカレー

Cutlet curry. This is also a solid orthodox school. The curry you eat at the seaside house is 20% more delicious, but

The curry eaten at the mountain house is also tastier than usual because of the taste and scenery.

山の家 はせがわコーヒー

After-meal coffee feels like a drink that condenses the blessings of the mountains.

山の家 はせがわハンモック

Hammock is also fun. Relax after a meal. There is also a book, so I read it while reading.

However, the children discovered the hammock, and in a blink of an eye, it was so exciting that it seemed like a park.

山の家 はせがわベンチ

But don't worry. There is also a rocking chair made of wood, and here it is a dollar.

山の家 はせがわ入り口

Even if you leave the shop, you can walk around the shop for a while. It was a long lunch break that exceeded two hours.

It's cozy. Be careful if you have to hurry to your destination.

Mountain house Hasegawa
3 Takagamine Funamicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture [Weekdays]
11: 00-18: 00 (L.O17: 00)
[Saturday and Sunday]
11: 00-20: 00 (L.O 19:00)
* Winter (January-March) 18:00 CLOSE (L.O 17:00)

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