Recommended course for walking around Kyoto night cherry blossoms! From Takase River to Gion Shirakawa.

There are many spots for cherry blossoms at night in Kyoto such as "Maruyama Park" and "Hirano Shrine", but you can easily see them even in downtown areas.

We recommend Kiyamachi-dori along the Takase River and the Gion area along the Shirakawa River.

Both are downtown areas, so it's lively, and just walking around makes you feel happy!


First, along the Takase River. I want to walk here with tipsy!

However, there are so many people, so it's a little crazy to say that you can have a can of beer while walking.

It's best to have a light drink at some store and walk around.


There is a bar on the other side of the Takase River.

Customers who enjoy cherry blossom viewing through shoji screens. Beyond the counter is the landlady.

It is only along the Takase River that you can get a glimpse of such an elegant scene.


Stunning cherry blossoms. Especially around here, the cherry blossoms at night shine.

In Tokyo, it's a lively area like Shinjuku, so there are many bars,

The light is like illuminations, like cherry blossoms lit up, and has a nice synergistic effect.


It's in full bloom! !!

Cherry blossoms at night are good. I'm not trying to light it up

The light of the bar is naturally lit up.

Of course, there is no admission fee!

This is wonderful for free.

The reflection of the cherry blossoms at night and the water surface of the Takase River is also fantastic.

It feels like the tipsy guests around me are enjoying the spring of this world.

Japan's best! I can't help thinking.


Cross the Kamo River from Takasegawa Dori to Gion Shirakawa. It is in full bloom.

It's wonderful.

This alone is worth seeing.


The cherry blossoms are in full bloom as if they were covered over the Shirakawa River in Gion.

It's a bit like the Meguro River in Tokyo, but no, the cityscape and cobblestones are full of emotion.


Gion Shirakawa-dori is lined with Kyoto-like townhouses. The flow of Shirakawa is calm and Kyoto.

The cherry blossoms are a picture.

Most of the townhouses are Kyoto restaurants.

From the dark street, you can see the inside of the shop.

There are also shops where you can see Maiko and Geiko.

Is it a night cherry blossom viewing with Maiko and Geiko while enjoying Kyoto cuisine?

This is a different world lol.


Gion Shirakawa-dori is well lit up.

By the way, "Sakamoto" is recommended as a shop along Gion Shirakawa where you can see cherry blossoms.

I am writing a report in a separate article, so if you are interested, please.

One Michelin star "Sakamoto" in Gion, Kyoto where you can see the cherry blossoms


After all, there are many foreigners on Shirakawa-dori.

If you come to the stone pavement, the townhouse, and Shirakawa, and the cherry blossoms are added, it's already the Kyoto.


Furthermore, the vermilion fence and lanterns are perfect for Japanese taste.

If you bring a foreigner, he will definitely say "Oh! Fantasytc !!".


This is a picture. I want to see a postcard.

This is free. Even if there is no admission fee, there are places where you can get pictures here and there. It's a nice place in Kyoto.


Gion Shirakawa's landmark, Tatsumi Daimyojin. This is also the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Is this exactly the spring of this world?

In the olden days, a landmark in the middle of downtown, at the tip of a triangle where two roads collided.

I thought it was like 109 in Shibuya now.

Well, the emotions are too dangerous for that, but lol.

Gion Shirakawa

Go up Shijo-dori, Yamatooji-dori, Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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