If you are Japanese, you want to go to “Kyoto Imperial Palace”, which has been released for free, once in a lifetime!

"Kyoto Imperial Palace" in the middle of Kyoto.

From 2016, it suddenly became a free release for some reason! Why! ??

Until then, I only had 5 days each in spring and autumn. ..

That's good! That's why I went.


The other side of this long wall. I've been worried about it for a long time.

By the way, "Kyoto Imperial Palace" is in "Kyoto Imperial Palace".

The nearest stations are "Marutamachi" and "Imadegawa" stations. Both are 0 minutes on foot.

Because it runs north and south from Marutamachi to Imadegawa station.


This is the entrance. A guard calls in, "Please!" ??

Well, the image is different. It looks like a greengrocer lol.

But even though it's a place that isn't as formal as it can be, I'm grateful for being friendly.

For the time being, there is also a baggage check, so it's strict.


Inside Kyoto Gyoen. Hmm. Is it like this?

It feels like the buildings are scattered around. How to use the land in a luxurious distance.

The pine trees are also thick and elegant.

By the way, don't you think this place is from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, the capital of Heian in 794?

It's wrong! !!

At the time of 794 Uguisu, it was a little further west along Senbon Dori.

It is the place where it was established as the inner part of the Northern Court in the middle of the 14th century during the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

The general image is that it is in the center of the city of Kyoto, to the north of it.

That's why it's a little east.


Naturally, the tile is a chrysanthemum crest. It doesn't feel like the original.


The cypress-roofed roof is also the origin of the head family. When I try this, it looks like I'm reading a book.


This is Shinmikurumayose. I made it like a person who came by car when the Emperor Taisho was enthroned.

A story that makes you feel the return of the times.


Behind this vermilion gate is that "Shishinden Hall"! !!


Oh, really! !! The day will come when you can see it with your own eyes! !!

As a lover of historical novels and taiga dramas, I've only read it in that book, I've only seen it in sets,

I was thrilled to see that Shishinden Hall!


The most prestigious main hall in the Kyoto Imperial Palace. A place where important ceremonies such as the coronation ceremony were held.

This building is said to have been built in the 2nd year of Ansei (1855), but it still has a long history.

It's in front of Ansei Purge. very. This is the stage of the "Five Articles of Oath" in 1868 (Meiji 4).

The Emperor's Enthronement of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras was actually held in this building.

Seen from the top of Shishinden Hall, the tree on the left is the famous "Sakon-no-Sakura"! Oh.

When I came here, I felt like a feng shui-like power spot was flowing.

The clouds in the sky look cool, lol.

It's the place where the lord was there for over 700 years.

It may be a place with such a good flow of energy.


Next, this is also a very famous "Seiryoden". The emperor's daily residence.

It often appears in historical novels.

It was used for ceremonies after moving to Gojoden in 1590 (Tensho 18).

Is it just the year of "Honnoji Incident"? The story is big.


Hmmm it looks cold. I thought, but it seems that it was a cool room just because it was called "Seiryoden".

In the old days, Kyoto people said that it was "hot" without hesitation when asked "Which is hotter, cold or hot?"

So, "Seiryoden" is a building that can be cool.


So, in fact, it has been devised to make it cooler, for example, water is allowed to flow in front of the palace,


The cold air that passed over the water entered the building through the vents under the building, and it was filled with water.

I see.

Well, it certainly got warmer if I put a lot of braziers and closed the shoji, but it got warmer.

The heat couldn't be helped.


"Small Gosho". That's right, the site of the "Small Gosho Conference".

The place where Emperor Meiji, Takamori Saigo, Toshimichi Okubo, Tomomi Iwakura and others gathered and decided the treatment of Yoshinobu Tokugawa and the Tokugawa family.

Well, a meeting place by all-stars at the end of the Edo period. It's not the "Kiyosu conference".


"Oikeniwa". Already, all the places related to the emperor are simply added "Go" lol.


"Kemari no Niwa". Yes, it seems that the kemari was held here.

Certainly the size and proximity to the house are nice to kick.

In a general household, it's as easy as "Isn't it a catch ball?"


I went there in December. This would be even more beautiful during the fall foliage season.


甍, pine and autumn leaves. Somehow the original scenery of Japanese aesthetics.


Basically it hasn't changed for more than 700 years, so the trees are huge and expensive.

As expected, it is a unique place.


This is "Otsunegoten". The residence of the emperor since 18th year of Tensho.

The upper, middle, and lower tiers were set up on the south side to serve as a place for ceremonies and face-to-face meetings.

There are 15 rooms, including a room for storing sacred treasures and a bedroom. A luxurious palace with tatami mats.


"Kyoto Imperial Palace" is irresistible for history lovers.

While feeling the weight of history, it was also a noble space like a power spot.

If you are Japanese, I recommend you to go there once in a lifetime!

Kyoto Imperial Palace
3 Kyoto Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Visiter, Administration Division, Administration Department, Imperial Household Agency
TEL: 03-5223-8071 (direct)
Imperial Household Agency Kyoto Office Visiter
TEL: 075-211-1215 (direct)
September and March 9:00 to 15:50 (until the final exit 16:30)
October-February 9:00 to 15:20 (until the final exit 16:00)
April-August 9:00 to 16:20 (until the final exit 17:00)

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3 Kyoto Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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