“Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival” It’s too amateur to hold a fireworks festival !?

"Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival". Fireworks dance on Lake Biwa, the number one lake in Japan. I imagined a magnificent and fantastic world.

The date is August 8th every year. From 19:30 to 20:30. The number of launched balls is 10,000.

The nearest station is "Hamaotsu Station". Just over 30 minutes by train from Karasuma Oike in the middle of Kyoto, and no transfers!


On the way, the feeling of a mountain railway crossing Mt. Hiei and the feeling of running in the city are fun as a train.

Near Hamaotsu Station, it becomes a tram, and just before Hamaotsu, there is a big curve and a lot of event feeling.

Coupled with the uplifting feeling of gradually approaching the fireworks display venue, the tension rises! !!


But. Amazing people when you get off the station. Well, that's right. It's a fireworks display.

Lake Biwa as soon as you exit the station. A lot of people. Since it is in the city, there are few squares. Where should I look from?

When you go to the shores of Lake Biwa, most of them are paid bleachers! !!

It's a little overkill! Don't occupy such paid bleachers.

The commercial spirit is too strong. Does the Sumida River Fireworks Festival have paid bleachers? Everyone is watching it normally.

Only houseboats can be called paid bleachers. Other than that, fireworks are just for the common people's summer fun.

There are no paid bleachers.


There is no choice but to walk about 30 minutes from Hamaotsu Station, and the paid bleachers are on the shores of Lake Biwa, behind it.

Seen from behind the wire mesh that separates the shores of Lake Biwa from the city. What's this.


After the fireworks, the Shiga police guided us to the station. This is also a bad partition.

"Please proceed slowly! The station is very crowded!"

About five police officers lined up, and the loudspeaker was loud, and five police officers spit out the same lines over and over again.

I already understand. .. These five people should at least be dispersed. I think one person is enough here.

There is no choice but to shift for about an hour and head for the station.

Still, there is a long line in front of Hamaotsu Station. Really! It seems to be a more temporary train. ..

Walk to the station about 2 stations away and manage to get on there.

The city doesn't have the infrastructure to hold a fireworks display.

It's good to have a strong commercial spirit, but I have to do something about it first.

"Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival". It's an amateur as a fireworks display.

I could see the Shonan fireworks display while barbecuing.
I think you can see it properly in the paid bleachers, but when you experience the badness of the partition,

When I think about what kind of bad partition I will receive after paying money, I'm a little scared and can't buy it.

Probably not in Hamaotsu. The correct answer may be to look at it from a distance from a slightly distant area.

It's a lakeside, and it doesn't seem to be a block. It might be good from Mt. Hiei. Yeah, let's do that this time!

Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival

Location: Uchidehama, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, 520-0047, Shiga Prefecture
Phone: 077-511-1530

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