Kyoto cuisine with a view of the garden in a private room, one Michelin star “Awata Sanso”

"Awata Sanso" is located in Higashiyama, near Chion-in Temple in Kyoto.

Awata Sanso, which is also near Awataguchi, one of the seven entrances of Kyoto, is the villa of Kyoto Hotel Okura.

The historic building, which was the villa of a wealthy merchant in Nishijin, was renovated as a restaurant in 1888 and remains today.

The sense of stability is amazing, such as getting one Michelin star for eight consecutive years.


The garden can be seen from all the private rooms, and the goodness of the private rooms is fully utilized.

If there is a meeting place ranking when getting married in Kyoto, personally it is definitely the first place.

Well, in fact, it seems that many people have used it, and for that matter, they can even have a wedding ceremony.

Moreover, you can stay overnight, so if you let your relatives stay overnight, your relatives will be remembered for the rest of your life.


Well, the gorgeous atmosphere and the introduction of the standing position are around here, about lunch.

For lunch, reserve a simple Awata Shigeru 6000 yen. On weekdays, a mountain cottage lunch box costs 5,000 yen.

Mini Kaiseki starts from 9000 yen.

I am grateful for children here, such as lunch boxes for children and individual items.

Or rather, the reason I originally chose this restaurant was that "children are OK and I want to eat decent food!"

I also have a wedding ceremony, so I'm grateful that it's a handy thing to deal with with children.

Furthermore, all seats are private rooms, so it is the strongest place for families with children.


Two-part system for lunch. From 12:00 to 13:30 and from 13:30 to 15:00.

There is also a parking lot. If you are driving, please contact us in advance.

However, this parking lot is small! It would be a great threat to people who are not confident in driving lol.

On the contrary, the road to Awata Sanso is a little deep, so be careful.

There is also a road that makes me feel a little skeptical, "Oh, are you going to turn here ?!"

I like that kind of hideaway again.


Finally, go through the gate of "Awata Sanso". Actually, I laughed 30 minutes behind schedule.

It is passed to the room immediately. Yeah, good. There's nothing that stands out, but as soon as I get in, it calms down.

The child seems to be completely mistaken for an inn, and he laughs, "Are you staying here today?"

It's great that you don't have to worry about the people around you even if you have children at a decent restaurant.


The view from the window. The building that is integrated with nature is cool.

Next door is a banquet. But I can't hear the sound as loud as it is. This is just right because I have children so I don't have to hesitate.


I like the consideration that it looks like a bay window and it is easy to see the outside.


The seats are also set slightly lower, about between the tatami room and the table seats. The coziness is also here.

The people at the shop are also the minimum amount of customer service, or rather, they don't come into the room so much, and the feeling of privacy is fulfilling.

I like it more often than it comes in and explains a lot.

I wanted a little more explanation of the food, but lol.


Then, Shigeru Awata for lunch appeared. The weight is two-tiered, and in addition to this, tempura and a bowl are attached.


The upper row is a refreshing type such as salad and tuna, scallop and salmon roe, sashimi of sea bream, and yuba tofu.


The bottom row is saba sushi, cold ham and sweet potatoes, rice cakes (rice cakes with rice cakes), sesame tofu, and omelet rolls.


A cold dish with vegetables in kudzu. Ginger is good for a smooth throat.


Rice is cooked with edamame and corn. The bowl itself has a slatted bottom and is steamed.

I thought it was Japanese style, but it had a slight butter flavor, which was surprisingly delicious!


This is a warm system. Eggplant potatoes with roasted zucchini? taro? Paste hanging.

It's a little ingenious, and it's a mixture of Japanese and Western styles.


tempura. Tentsuyu and salt are added, but it's definitely Tentsuyu. Moreover, soak it in a jerky manner.

This way of eating is the best without parentheses.

But I want to eat white rice!


Bowl. As expected seasoning. Not too thin and not too dark. It has a light taste overall, but it has a strong taste.

I am grateful for the hot days when the citrus flavor of yuzu is hot.


The last is matcha and sweetness. Huh.


Matcha and red bean water yokan. It's refreshing and tasty. Elegant without being too sweet.

Even if you don't like sweets, it was delicious.

Awata Sanso

2-15 Awadaguchi Sanjobocho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

TEL: 075-561-4908
FAX: 075-531-0788

Lunch 11: 30 ~ / Supper 17: 30 ~

Reservation: Awata Sanso 075-561-4908

3 parking lots
The number of cars that can be parked is limited, so by car
Please contact us when you come.

City bus 5 system, get off at Sanjo Jingu-michi, about 5 minutes on foot
Get off at Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Subway Line, Exit 1 and walk for about 5 minutes
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2-15 Awadaguchi Sanjobocho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

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