[Cooking Hayashi] Conger, sweetfish! A recommended restaurant with a high cost performance with one Michelin star in Kyoto!

One day in the middle of summer, we had a dinner at the regular "Oryori Hayashi" in Michelin, Kyoto.

The location is slightly north of Kyoto, a little east of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, close to Demachiyanagi Station, and a little southwest of the Kamogawa Delta.

Take one from Kawaramachi-dori towards Kamogawa. Then, there is one ordinary private house.

When I approached with anxiety, "Hmm? Here?", An old woman wearing a kimono suddenly appeared.

Standing dignified in front of the house. Oh, it's here. However, it's hard. ..


The first floor is really a regular seat. The laughter of the master and the customer.

Maybe it's my first time to go upstairs.


The floor of the corridor is bamboo. Sounds good!


The second floor is a private room with a tatami room. Oh, thank you for this. Private space.

What you notice about the seat is the rattling noise from the third floor.

My grandson is coming and running around. Hmm. It's okay to be at home.

When I asked if I could bring my children with me, that's right.

Many people come with children, he said. It's a nice shop that you don't have to worry about.


First-come-first-served basis. Many reviews said that it had a light taste like Kyoto, but that's not the case.

Isn't it the taste of soup stock and the taste of the ingredients?


Hassun. As you can see, it doesn't feel like kneading the material too much. You can enjoy the taste of straightforward ingredients.

It's great for Kyoto tourists such as Manganji peppers.


Then, "sea urchin seaweed over" came out, but it was too delicious and I forgot to take a picture!

This sea urchin was delicious. I think I'm proud of the seaweed sauce, but honestly I wanted to eat it only with sea urchin.

Bowl stuff. The delicacy of the ingredients is just as delicate as adding a little soup stock.


Drop the conger. Speaking of summer food in Kyoto, you wouldn't feel like it came without it.

After all it is delicious. I didn't eat at all when I was in Tokyo, but now I want to eat it every night.


sliced ​​raw fish. It's washed so it's crunchy.


Kuzukake of winter melon. Cool and refreshing. The taste of the soup stock is strong. The texture of the finely chopped winter melon is also good.


The pottery is conger eel. It's greasy and sweet. A world view far from transcendental skill. But this is the real Kyoto Japanese food, isn't it?

The pickled eggplant is tender, and when you chew it, it's juicy. This is also super sliced.


Grilled sweetfish with salt. After all, I want to eat solid in summer. You know how you feel.

The shape is decided that it may be fried.

The fisherman of the supplier finally caught it! It seems that it is ayu that was said.

I'm glad to hear that.


Kiss tempura. However, there is a sea urchin around the kiss.

Good balance of saltiness and sweetness.


Corn and edamame tempura. It looks like a collaboration between America and Japan. The sweetness of the corn is amazing.

No longer sweets.


Conger shabu-shabu. You can come out as many times as you like. Super welcome.


There are many ways to eat it. It is the undisputed number one in the fish ranking loved by Kyoto people!


Please let it pass through the soup stock. It has a different texture than the drop and makes you feel warm.


Chinese-style hot and sour soup is perfect for summer. I'm glad that the composition of the changing ball, which is a little removed from Japanese food, comes here.


Rice and pickles. Myoga goes well with the soup stocked rice!


Water of Ome. A good balance of sweetness and sourness.


The last is bean paste mochi. I ate it. It was a refreshing taste.


Clean your mouth with matcha. It ’s not a lot of gorgeous and fluttering dishes,

Each one is straightforward and really delicious.

This is quite convincing in terms of price. It is a good restaurant that can be recommended to anyone, young or old, with a straightforward taste.

Oryori Hayashi
448-61 Kajii-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
11: 30-13: 30 (L.O) 17: 30-19: 30 (L.O) Closed on Wednesdays

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