Kyoto, Fushimi strolling part 1 Cafe, sake bar, etc.

Fushimi is near and far when I live in Kyoto.

I thought I could go anytime, but I wouldn't go forever, so I went!

There are "Teradaya" famous for Ryoma Sakamoto, "Gekkeikan" and "Kizakura Sake Brewery" like a sake brewery, so aim for that area.

I would like to walk around.


But the station shouldn't be wrong. When you get off at "Fushimi Station", it is not the so-called sightseeing Fushimi.

Please get off at "Chushojima Station".

Immediately after getting off at "Chushojima Station", there is a historical signboard at the end of the Edo period.


The end of the Edo period is good, but the cityscape is already somewhere nostalgic.

The building labeled "Onsen" is also quaint.


It's a nostalgic street from Chushojima station for a while, such as snacks and Showa era.

If you walk for about 5 minutes, it will become a little like a tourist spot.


Kyoto's classic souvenirs such as chirimen sansho are becoming more popular.

Do I need to buy it if I come from Kyoto?


Well, the cityscape has a feeling of brewing.

It looks like an active player.


When I entered a suitable building, it was a cafe-like shop that made the building that was making sake brewing.

It's okay to be relaxed.

As I learned later, it was "Fushimi Yume Hyakushu" at a cafe that was renovated from the former headquarters of Gekkeikan.

Fushimi Yume Hyakushu
247 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


It's a cafe, but it's Fushimi, a brewery town. It is also a sake bar.

You can drink alcohol, and of course the souvenir corner is full of sake.

There is also the sake "Eiko" that represents Kyoto Fushimi.


Sake is a snack.

This "Shishamo Kurage" looks delicious too.


A temple with a Chinese-style tower.

"Gekkeikan" on both sides.

There are sakes all over the city lol.

Born and raised in this city, it would be miserable if it was Shimodo.

It is called "Chokenji", which was built in the Edo period.

This is the only temple in Kyoto where Benzaiten is the principal image.


If you want to have lunch or a meal in Fushimi, you can go to Torisei.

There is a branch office in Karasuma Oike in Kyoto, which was also delicious, so I definitely want to try it at home.

I thought, but I had to wait another hour for dinner!

After all it was a popular shop.

Fushimi strolling, part 2 goes to "Teradaya".


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