Kyoto’s most prominent Western-style cafe “Dean & DeLuca”

Lunch at "Dean & DeLuca", a fashionable Western-style building on Karasuma Dori in Kyoto.

"Dean & DeLuca" started from a luxury food store in NY, Delicatessen.

In the 70's, teacher Dean or DeLuca at SOHO in New York

It all started when I started a cheese shop. After that, collect high-quality ingredients and feel good

Growing into a celebrity purveyor of grocery stores. Well, it feels like Seijo Ishii.

The first store in Japan is in Marunouchi. I keep a fashionable standing position in the past and now.


The building is from the Taisho era and is designed by Tatsuno Kingo, known for "Tokyo Station" and "Bank of Japan Head Office".

Certainly similar. By the way, Tatsuno Kingo died of the Spanish flu that ended World War I.


Seen from here, it looks like a street corner in New York.


Although the store is an old Western-style building, it is well-renovated and beautiful.

It looks like a mission-based school cafeteria with white walls and high ceilings.




Occupied by fashionable madams with a stroller.

It's fashionable but calm, and even if you have a toddler, you don't have to be careful.

Dean & DeLuca's fashion and a slightly loose atmosphere.


Bread is also substantial. The colors of Kyoto, such as tea-based bread, are inevitable.


There are plenty of cookies and tea.


Or rather, it's lunch. Sandwiches are always available, but there is also a daily menu.

Shrimp and vegetable curry on this day. The amount is small. Well, it can't be helped to say the amount here.

Salad is also included. The salad is really delicious. The crispy and slightly astringent vegetables are delicious.

After all things are proper.


The curry is also delicious. It's a stone's throw. Bamboo shoots crisp, shrimp prep, fresh vegetables.

It's a bit different from the curry at the curry shop. It's a little Tom Yum Kung-like curry, but it's delicious.

Although it is not authentic, it is a curry that you can feel the goodness of the material and the good taste. Did you have this hand?

I don't make this kind of curry at home. I'm about to fail. That's why it's worth eating out.


There are also seats in the courtyard. This is also good in early spring. Or rather, you can smoke.

Dean & DeLuca
645 Karasuma-dori Takoyakushi Shimoru Tearaimizu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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