Have a New Year at Nishiki Market. For New Year’s soba, New Year dishes, and ozoni. [Toshikoshi soba edition]

New Year's Day 3 in Kyoto. There was something to prepare before the New Year.

It's Toshikoshi soba. I don't really have the image of soba in Kyoto,

If you go to Nishiki Market, you will find everything.


After all there was!

Moreover, the long-established store "Fumiya" in Kyoto has opened a business trip.

Let's have Toshikoshi soba with soup stock from Kyoto.


There is also a name called "Shippokuan" that is not very familiar in the Kanto region.

"Shippoku" comes from Nagasaki's "Shippoku", and originally various dishes are all in one place.

It seems to mean that.

From there, it seems that buckwheat noodles with a lot of ingredients, especially those with a lot of vegetable ingredients, are called "taily".


Preparing for New Year, getting Toshikoshi soba, well, when I thought about going home,

Hmm? A tremendous procession, what is this?

Looking at the end of the procession, it seems that it is connected to the 蛸 Yakushi.


Apparently, they are doing the winter tradition of Kyoto, "Daine-fired".

Today is December 31st. It is exactly the last "radish burning".

"Daine burning" is an event to thank for the safety of the year and pray for the blessing of the coming year.

It is a nice custom that the temple behaves as a radish that has sucked a lot of soup stock.

Perfect for breakfast. Thank you.


Is it okay to poke it at night as a joya no kane?

Access is good around here.


Oh no! !!

I thought that a new radish came out from the back.

Abune. It looks like next year will be a good year as well.


Fried and radish. It's sweet and spicy.

It permeates the stomach.

Now, let's go home and prepare for the New Year.

And that night. New Year's Eve.

It is a special Toshikoshi soba from "Fumiya" in Kyoto.

I was about to buy "Shippokuan", but as a Kanto person, I had to have shrimp in it!

That's why it's New Year's Eve with shrimp Tensoba.

Great value with shrimp, kamaboko, fried and three leaves. Rakuchin.

The price is about 500 yen. It's also easy on the ground.

Gentle taste with soup stock. I feel relaxed.

On the contrary, the humble meal feels good.

It feels like a luxurious dish is covered in profane, but it feels like a monk.

It looks like we will have a new year.

Nishiki Market
609 Nishidaimonji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


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