Kyoto in early summer is a famous place for green leaves! Tofukuji Temple with too many highlights [Part 1] Gaun Bridge

Tofukuji Temple, which is famous for its autumn colors, is a beautifully recommended temple in spring and summer.

The autumn leaves are beautiful, the green leaves are also beautiful. In spring and summer, combined with the moss on the ground,

The world above and below is green. I like this one because I feel the vitality of it.

Moreover, Tofukuji is a famous temple with many attractions other than autumn leaves and green leaves.

Sanmon, the oldest Zen temple in Japan, which is a national treasure, "Tsutenbashi", which is famous for "Yes, let's go to Kyoto" of JR East,

It has a lot of attractions as a temple, such as a checkered garden by Mirei Shigemori.

Because it is on the outskirts of Kyoto, it is big that it escaped the war of Onin War.

From Kyoto Station, take the Keihan Line to the first station, Tofukuji Station, and walk for about 10 minutes.

It's a little far from here, but the temple walls are beautiful on the way, so it's quite emotional.


If you erase the telegraph pillars and asphalt in your brain and walk, you will feel like you have slipped back in time to the end of the Edo period.


The stone wall is beautiful.


On the way to Tofukuji Temple, my favorite spots are the stone walls and fences with rounded corners.

The Wako Building in Ginza also has a round curve, and it seems that the designer Jin Watanabe made it considering how people bend.

I'm sure this fence has the same idea. It is rounded and easy on the appearance.


Then, when I was walking, I suddenly came out, one of the three famous bridges of Tofukuji Temple, "Gaun Bridge".

It is before entering "Tofukuji". Admission is free, I did it.


In early summer I will open the "Autumn Guidebook".

The famous place for autumn leaves is

Because it is a famous place for fresh greenery.

♩ Charara la la la la la la la

Yes, it is a catch phrase of JR East's "Yes, let's go to Kyoto."

No, this is a great sentence. And when I come here, the emotions come to my mind vividly,

Of course, that song is playing in my head.


Above the fresh green clouds is the second Tofukuji Sanmei Bridge, Tsuten Bridge. The fresh green looks like a cloud.


As you can see from the name of Gaun Bridge, it looks like a cloud.


There is absolutely no one in the autumn foliage season. This is the real thrill of spring and summer.

It's also nice to be able to ride a bicycle through it.

Oh, I think it's better to get off and push.


After passing through the Gaun Bridge, it is easy to walk in the shade of fresh green. A nice street in early summer.

Next, we will finally enter the precincts!

Tofukuji Temple Gaun Bridge
15-778 Honmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

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