The ●● of “Kyoto Gyoen”, a super-secret spot for autumn leaves in the middle of Kyoto, is surprisingly unknown to Kyoto people!

"Kyoto Imperial Palace" is a hidden spot in the autumn colors of Kyoto.

Located in the middle of Kyoto, this is a spot where you can see the beautiful autumn leaves under the lighthouse.

Even though it is a Kyoto person, it can be said that it is a super secret spot so many people do not know it.

No, of course, there are many Kyoto people who went to Kyoto Gyoen to see the autumn leaves.

Even so, the number of tourists is decreasing, and it is a little-known spot.

However, there is a special spot among the autumn leaves spots in Kyoto Gyoen.

There is an area northwest of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, north of Inui-Gomon, and west of the remains of Konoe's residence.

You can enjoy the dynamic autumn colors like Central Park in New York.

Well, in that sense, it's not like Kyoto.
That's why you can relax and enjoy the magnificent autumn leaves in the middle of Kyoto.

As soon as they enter this area, most people stop and look up with the feeling of "What?".

Eh, it feels like there was such a great place to see the autumn leaves.

The height of the tree is 20m, it is surrounded by autumn leaves, as far as the eye can see.

When the wind blows there, it rains red and yellow. This is a good place.

Autumn leaves village that is not Taoyuan township.

While being mixed with tourists and becoming sick

You don't have to go to get the red stamp that says "I saw the autumn leaves".

A level where you can feel like "Ah, I could see the autumn leaves properly this year".

I found a good place.


Kyoto Gyoen is also equipped with a parking lot. Bright yellow ginkgo leaves on the parking lot.

Yeah, you can fully enjoy the autumn leaves around here as well.


Perhaps because it is in good condition, the autumn leaves do not come out beautifully this year.

What a loud voice, but the tremendously deep red autumn leaves. Awesome.


Although it is called autumn leaves, it is Kyoto Gyoen, so history lovers will definitely make a detour.

Familiar with "Kinmon Incident", Kinmon.

Here, the attacking Choshu clan VS the defending Aizu and Kuwana clan collided.

The Choshu clan's Kijima Matabei was killed, and Kusaka Genzui committed suicide. It's fierce.

It is said that bullet holes still remain at the gate.


Hmmm this is a bullet hole. I don't know.


From the parking lot, pass by the Gyoen Gate and head north in Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.

It's a whole area for one station.

Walk from Marutamachi on the Karasuma Line to Imadegawa.


No, the beautiful autumn leaves. As expected. But there are no people at all.

There are no tourists and Kyoto people are sparse. Because it's mid-December, lol.

Still this quality.


Well wide. Kyoto Imperial Palace in Kyoto Gyoen. Let's take a closer look at this one this time.


The Kyoto Imperial Palace has more greenery. I'm worried about the other side of the fence.



The autumn leaves of Kyoto Gyoen, which is characterized by its crisp red color.


The orange-colored autumn leaves are also wonderful. You really don't have to be there.


This is amazing on December 13th. It's winter, though.

The autumn colors in Kyoto are surprisingly long.


The relaxed atmosphere of a foreign park makes you forget that this is the center of Kyoto.

The point is that the trees are big one by one. That's why it's been growing here for hundreds of years.


Continue north. There is no one person left.

But such a path is also good.


When you come to this area, it's finally the area you're looking for. I don't have a particular name.


And finally! !! This is around here. how is it? The atmosphere is good, isn't it?

People aren't crowded at all! ?? This is a little-known spot.


Below is a yellow and red carpet. It's a little too much to see.

Looking at the density of this carpet, it would be dangerous when it is in full bloom.


It's hard to see in the picture, but it's really good!

It looks like a dome of autumn leaves.


I thought I'd come next year at the end of November.


Next door is a park. There can be few people here as well.


In other words, it is a good spot for autumn leaves even with children.

Adults slowly love the autumn leaves, letting children play in the park.

Highly recommended. But I really don't want to teach. It is a spot of autumn leaves that causes such self-contradiction.

Kyoto Gyoen

3 Kyoto Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 602-0881

3 Kyoto Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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