A little-known spot series of autumn leaves in Kyoto Part 1 “Konkai-Komyoji” backyard “Goen no Michi”

"Konkai Komyoji" is located in Kuroya, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto.

Honen was the first to be built as a temple of the Jodo sect on the land where Soan was set up.

After that, at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, it became the home of the Aizu clan, a guardian of Kyoto, in Kyoto, so it is famous among fans at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.

There are many places to see, but this time it's autumn leaves! !!


Historically, it has a bloody feel, and probably because it doesn't have an elegant atmosphere, the autumn leaves season is quiet.

However, the autumn leaves are really nice!

Because there is a garden in the back of the temple, which was recently built in 2006.

This is a beautiful garden with beautiful autumn leaves. This is not well known!

This garden is created by "Ueya Kato Landscaping Co., Ltd.", a famous landscaping company in Kyoto.

As you can see from the homepage, Tofukuji Temple, Nanzenji Temple, and even Hoshino Resorts

Landscaping of a Japanese garden is a company that has the skills of a master craftsman of the present generation.

So, its beauty is truly.

Even in such a famous garden, the garden that is only a little over 10 years old is not famous.

Therefore, it is a super-secret spot for autumn leaves.


Besides the garden, there are wonderful autumn leaves here and there in the precincts.


There is a splendid ginkgo tree near the tomb that mourns the Aizu clan.

Fans at the end of the Edo period can enjoy the autumn leaves while thinking about history quietly without meeting the crowds.


A little surrealistic autumn leaves hunting called graves and autumn leaves.

I feel like I'm feeling better while watching the autumn leaves!


The three-storied pagoda and autumn leaves on a small hill. Also the grave. The view around here is also good.


Even though it is in the middle of Kyoto, it is very quiet. The coloring of the autumn leaves is also good.


So, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! This is a little-known spot for autumn leaves, the favorite "Garden of Shiun" and "Road of the Edge".

It is located in the northeast of the temple, passing the Hojo of Konkai Komyoji Temple.

It is usually closed and open during the fall foliage season.

The combination of beautiful Japanese garden and autumn leaves is the best.

The pond itself is called "armor pond" and appeared in the Kyoto guide "Miyako Meisho Zue" during the Edo period.

In the 21st century, a garden was built around the pond.

That's because it's still a young garden. It is natural that it is not well known.

Therefore, it's a little-known spot! !!


A quiet and calm space. It's just called "the road of the edge", and it is made so that the two roads are connected to one.

"Ren" is also one of the concepts of the Jodo sect of Honen.


The autumn leaves that stretch to the top of the pond are also powerful.

After a little more time, the garden will become more delicious.

By that time, it may have become a famous spot for autumn leaves, so it's time to go!

Konkai-Komyoji Temple, the head temple of the Jodo sect
121 Kurodani-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8331
TEL: 075-771-2204

121 Kurodani-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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