From Kyoto Station to a ski resort with a panoramic view of Lake Biwa in an hour! “Mt. Hakodate Ski Resort”

Thanks to the surrounding mountains, Kyoto is very close to the ski resorts.

"Hakodateyama Ski Resort" is a whopping 46 minutes by train from Kyoto Station!

Of course, neither the limited express nor the Shinkansen.

In Tokyo, it takes almost 3 hours to get to the nearest ski resort.

In this respect, it is one of the things that makes me happy to live in Kyoto.

Uh, how easy it is to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. ..

Moreover, you can overlook Lake Biwa while skiing! !!

This is a wonderful experience.

Even more. There are still wonderful things to do when you go by car.

There is no snow along Lake Biwa, and there is often snow only on the top of the mountain, so

It's nice to be able to access the ski resort comfortably without wearing studless tires.

There is no such thing as "I want to go skiing, but I'm worried about snowy roads."

Of course, it's not good when there is heavy snow underneath.
Today's latest information such as "Normal tires are OK!" Is posted on the HP, so

Check it out before you go.

Even by car, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Karasuma Oike, the center of Kyoto.

Park in the parking lot under the mountain and take the ropeway to the snowy mountains.

Of course, you can rent skis and snowboards, so you can drive normally.

Easy to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.



Take the ropeway to the snowy mountains.

You can see Lake Biwa well!

And you can see that it is not snowing along Lake Biwa and on the flat ground.

By the way, it's a charge,

With a ski set (boots, board, stock) and a snowboard set (boots and board),

Adults 4500 yen, children 3500 yen!

The gondola lift 1-day ticket is 4500 yen for adults and 3500 yen for children.


It is a slope. Well it feels good.

Forgetting to slip, I suddenly look at Lake Biwa for a while.

I mean, snow, it's too little lol.

There are four slopes for advanced, intermediate and beginners.

Kid World, which has an escalator for children who can't ride a lift,

Ski hikes wearing "ski shoes" that are neither skiing nor snowboarding

It's fun to play around.

It may be a good ski resort to bring to children who are afraid of skiing first.


If so, there are places where I'm bald on the way.

Well, it doesn't really matter to beginners.

It's warm and comfortable.


There are plenty of lodge-style restaurants and restaurants.

When you exercise, the rice is really delicious.


Meat noodles. Even simple ones are good because I'm hungry.

Let's come again on a day with a little more snow. It's close.

Hakodateyama Ski Resort
4201-4 Hiokimae, Imazu-cho, Takashima-shi, Shiga 520-1655

4201-4 Hiokimae, Imazu-cho, Takashima-shi, Shiga

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