Popular at fashionable bookstores in Kyoto! “Kebunsha Ichijoji store” with fashionable miscellaneous goods

The most famous bookstore in Kyoto is "Kebunsha Ichijoji".

The lineup, which can be called a select shop for books, has fashionable books by connoisseurs.

There are many fashionable miscellaneous goods as well as books, so I never get tired of wandering around the store.

Or rather, when I notice it, I'm quite there.


The location is Sakyo Ward, a little far from the center of Kyoto. 3 minutes walk from Eizan Electric Railway "Ichijoji" station.

For sightseeing, it is also a good idea to take a look at "Ichijoji Sagamatsu", the duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Yoshioka Ichimon.

Keibunsha is quite a size in a corner of a street like a shopping street.


The store is full of fashionable magazines and shiny magazines.

The atmosphere is like a bookstore in France or Europe.

Unlike ordinary bookstores that line up the latest books anyway, there are books with good taste here and there.

If you go to the travel corner, this writer drew such a travelogue from a fashionable travel magazine!

I guarantee that it will be difficult to get away from the bookshelf of the trip due to some discoveries.


A lot of fashionable magazines. I want to see it from one end.

Even so, the "kinfolk" feeling of "@premium" is amazing.

"Kinfolk" is a lifestyle magazine that originated in Portland, USA, which is a regular in the ranking of the cities you want to live in most in the world.

The fashionable final form of a magazine is a lifestyle magazine.


Books are also substantial. An assortment of products that will satisfy art school students.


The store is large, fashionable select bookstore zone, household goods and bookstore zone, art and bookstore zone,

And an event space and a place like Sashizume Complex Bookstore Park.


A fashionable miscellaneous goods case that is assimilated with a bookshelf, making it a fashionable bookstore zone.

What is this little book?

Originally, Taiwan's "Eslite Bookstore" is famous for the style of putting these fashionable miscellaneous goods in a bookstore.

The fashionable bookstore line of "TSUTAYA", "Tsutaya Bookstore", imitated this "Eslite Bookstore".

By the way, is "Kebunsha" before that?


This is a fashionable art & miscellaneous goods zone. No longer a general store.

He seems to like Christmas ornaments.


The cluttered display is fashionable again.

I don't want it like I want it, but it's fun just to look at it!


Stationery such as notepapers, notepads, and notebooks are also available.

It doesn't feel like it's very active in the business scene.

Maiden. Adult maiden.


After all there is a candle. Basically.

Fashionable camping, glamping, handmade weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

There seem to be many places to play an active role.


I wonder what this is, like perfume. Items that look good for girls are lined up.


There is also a courtyard, making it luxurious. There is also a parking lot. This is about 8 cars.

However, it is quite narrow and requires parking techniques.


This is the lifestyle zone. There are fashionable books on cooking and books with slow life.

At the same time, tea bowls and towels that are particular about the ingredients are also on sale.

Keibunsha is likely to expand the range of products it handles.

It's a fun bookstore where you can feel the excitement of whether something is increasing or something has changed the next time you go.

Keibunsha Ichijoji store
10 Ichijoji Haradencho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8184
Phone: 075-711-5919 / FAX: 075-706-2868
Business hours: 10:00 – 21:00 (from May 11, 2015) (excluding the year-end and New Year holidays)
Business days: Open all year round (excluding New Year's Day)

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10 Ichijoji Haradencho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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