Let’s go eat the phantom crab “TAIZA Crab” in Kyoto. Part 2 Hashiudoso

It takes about 5 hours to transfer trains from Kyoto. The Tango Peninsula that I came to is "Tango Onsen Hashiudoso".

It is no exaggeration to say that it is an inn for TAIZA crabs.

To be honest, the facility itself is as simple as "Kanpo no Yado", but it doesn't matter at this time except for the TAIZA crab.

I am grateful that there is a hot spring that feels the sea breeze.


The Sea of ​​Japan is right next to the inn.

It's rough.


As soon as I arrive, I go to the hot springs and cleanse my body first.

And finally to the cafeteria.


Today's article.

It feels like a show performance.

There is no uplifting feeling.


First of all, three kinds of sashimi instead of greetings.

Yellowtail with fat, squid with plenty of sweetness, shrimp with rich miso.

And also the crab sashimi.

We will run out of crabs and start the performance!



came out! TAIZA crab.

The green tag is a landmark.

Gunuu. .. seems good! !!


First of all, with roasted crab.

However, it's best to go half-raw before your body turns white.

Bring it to your mouth with expectations. ..

Hmm sweet! !!

Is it so sweet? Certainly this is a bit different.

Does the taste change so much depending on where the same snow crab is caught?

I think it's a different kind of crab.


We will also bake the shell and the base of the foot.

At Hashiudoso, you can enjoy the taste of crab more when grilled than when boiled.

Most are grilled.


Even so, the crab miso is bright green.

Is it a characteristic of TAIZA crabs?


Gollum. .. I will have it.

Hmmm rich.

And the crab miso is also sweet. Great sugar content.

Isn't it sweeter than fruit? Is happy.

I wondered if the reaction was the same as that of a girl eating sweets.


Crab miso soup.

Rich. Full of flavor.

A truly unique and unique taste.

It's strange that the human tongue thinks this is delicious.

A taste that goes beyond sweetness and saltiness.


And Kaniski, and finally porridge.

With the sweetness of rice and the sweetness of eggs, it is no longer a sweet.

You really didn't add sugar, right? I think that.


At the end, refresh with sorbet.

No, the TAIZA crab was amazing. I'm surprised.

It can be said that it is a gem that you want to eat once in a lifetime.

Tango Onsen Hashiudoso
632-1 Tangocho Taiza, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture



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