The vegan food in Kyoto is the Israeli “Falafel Garden”

Falafel Garden is a vegan restaurant located in Demachiyanagi, Kyoto.

Vegan food is simply a tougher version of vegetarian.

It is a dish that does not contain eggs, dairy products, honey and all animal-derived ingredients, let alone meat and fish.

Well, because I am very particular about it, it is a common practice to eat beans as if they were meat.

Then, I think it's okay to eat meat without overdoing it,

It has reached the realm of thought. It's noble.



When you enter the entrance, you will see the world of the Middle East.
Directly imported ingredients are lined up.
Olives look delicious too.
There are also many handmade takeaways.
Atmosphere that seems to be in a desert city. It’s an oasis.
Upstairs. The ceiling is high and there is a feeling of openness.
River view overlooking the Takano River.
I was seated in the tatami room. Naturally, I ordered a chicken kebab plate (1100 yen)!

I'm sorry, it's not vegan. ..

The scent of curry powder is appetizing. The charred chicken has a wild taste.

The recommended way to eat it is to put rice, chicken, and salad in your mouth.

The crispy texture of vegetables, the juiciness of tomatoes, and the sourness of onions

The taste of chicken is improved, and the rice is not heavy and you will eat it!

This is delicious! !! The taste is not completely Japanese. It's ethnic.

With Japanese seasoning, I really don't want to eat salad and rice together

I think it's strangely delicious to eat this dish together.


It came out! Chicken kebab plate.

Coffee tastes good too.
But after all I want to drink chai.
The sweets are also ethnic and fulfilling that I have never heard of!
Of course, I also received the signboard menu "Falafel," which is also the name of the restaurant.

Fry a ball of chickpeas. Kuu, this is also delicious.

There is no kudzu of meat, it is rich and delicious.

The chai of the shime is natural, but it is the best match that this dish will be the only one.

It was a shop that made me confident that I could do it as a vegan.

Falafel garden
Falafel Garden
▼ Address
15-2 Tanaka Kamiyanagi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
▼ Business hours
11: 00-21: 30 (L.O.)
▼ Regular holiday
Open all year round (with irregular holidays)
▼ Parking lot
2 minutes walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station
There is coin parking nearby

Satisfaction ★★★★★

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