A hard-boiled world view “Blue sky in California” with the store name and appearance

On the first floor of the condominium facing Higashinotoin Dori down Takoyakushi Dori

Lunch at "California's Blue Sky" in the back.

The store name seems to come from a song covered by Saori Minami.

The store name is refreshing, and there is a signboard with the store name written in the style of "Shiroi Koibito" at the storefront.

It's a pretty fancy touch, but I was surprised to get inside.

Suddenly, in a bar that appears in Hollywood movies, fights are about to begin.

The atmosphere, appearance and interior of the store are completely different!
The signboard of the store is a white lover style and fairy tale. ..
However, there is an American feeling such as Route 66.
And introspection. Somehow this gap!
The interior is dim, with liqueurs and bourbon lined up on the counter, and cigarette smoke on the shelves.

The king of cigars, Cohiba of Cuba, seems to be released, and suddenly a hard-boiled world view.

80% of the seats are smoke-free, and the back part is non-smoking, which is a great style against the times.
Alcohol is lined up in a narrow space.


I ordered a dice steak set meal.

When I arrived, I did it! It's a hit! !! First of all, the amount that is always annoying at Kyoto lunch is small,

A volume that completely clears this. That's right, it's usually about this.

Steak meat rumbling. Slightly hard. A chewy American style.

After all meat is here. Chewing red meat is the real thrill.

You may like it with soy sauce and wasabi sauce,

Basically, salt and pepper are good enough.


Dice steak set meal.

I am satisfied with the volume.
It's better to use miso soup instead of consomme soup.

Hmmm, I think I can talk with my husband here.

It's good not to be fashionable.

The male rate is high in the store. However, it seems that OL is also coming in here and there and it is quite prosperous.

It's a crappy shop for men, but it seems that women can easily enter. It's nice at night too.

This is my favorite store!

Satisfaction ★★★★

California blue sky
633-101 Mototakeda-cho, Higashinotoin-dori Takoyakushi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
From 18:00 to 4:00

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