Obanzai lunch at Kyoto-like Kyomachiya “Ouchigohan Kokoraya”

Lunch at “Ouchigohan Kokoraya” in Gokomachi-dori Sanjo Shimoru.

A shop with several branches only in a small area around Sanjo, Kawaramachi, and Teramachi in Kyoto.

You can enjoy an obanzai set meal using seasonal Kyoto vegetables at Kyomachiya, which is perfect for enjoying Kyoto.

There is also a branch office in Nakameguro, Tokyo. However, many stores have a head office in Kyoto and a branch office in Nakameguro.

That feeling of Nakame’s atmosphere certainly resembles Kyoto.

A feeling of common people and a feeling of kojare. Minimalistic feeling. It feels a little unique. The eyes are a little similar.

It’s certainly not Koenji. Just as there are shops around the Takase River, there are shops around the Meguro River.

By the way, the name of the store is “Kokoraya”, but in the Kyoto dialect, “Kokoraya” is “neighborhood”.

It’s a store in your neighborhood, so you should feel free to enter.


The appearance is a magnificent Machiya. After all, when I come to Kyoto, I want to eat at a restaurant like this.

Vegetables are lined up at the entrance, and the atmosphere is nice. It’s easy to enter.


The atmosphere is old-fashioned trees.


There are 1st and 2nd floors in the store, and this time it was passed to the 2nd floor. The second floor is a tatami room. There are about 6 tables. Also a private room.

Is this the second floor of Machiya? The ceiling is low.


It’s like an attic and it’s fun. And calm down.


I ordered “Kokoraya Lunch” for 980 yen, which most of the customers would probably ask for.

Choose the main dish from fish or meat, and it comes with rice, miso soup, two small bowls, pickles, tempura, and dessert.

There is a good deal. And there is a feeling of Kyoto! It feels like I’m having an obanzai lunch at Kyomachiya in Kyoto.

It’s a Kyoto lunch just like the textbook that tourists imagine.

I’m pretty skeptical that Kyoto people really eat this kind of rice every day.

Cospa is not bad, is it okay?


The main dish of “Kokoraya Lunch” on this day was bonito flakes. I’m glad that it comes with plenty of Kyoto vegetables.

Kyoto vegetables are also the melon of this shop. Eggplant, onion, paprika, etc. are served with ponzu sauce.


Tofu too. It’s this purple sauce.

In addition, soup stock of spinach, carrots, and mushrooms is also good.

Vegetables such as tempura and pumpkin, and miso soup are made with fu, which is really healthy. I’m going to be healthy.

We recommend the Kyoto-style obanzai lunch, which you can easily eat at the tasteful Kyoto Machiya.


Home rice Kokora Ya Miyukicho main store
Address: 332, Ebiya-cho, Sanjo-dori, Gokomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8076, house number 13
TEL 075-211-3348
FAX 075-211-5380
Business hours Lunch 11: 30-14: 00 (finished as soon as sold out)
Supper 18: 00-22: 00
Regular holiday every Tuesday


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