[Nakamuraken] I was convinced that Kyoto has been enjoying the delicious taste of Katsura, a long-established Japanese confectionery store, for more than 130 years.

"Nakamuraken" is a Japanese sweets shop that you definitely want to visit when you go to Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto.

It is a long-established store that has been in business for over 130 years, but its stance is very casual.

And the famous confectionery is delicious anyway. It is a gem that you want to eat at least once.


The place is a 10-second walk from Katsura Imperial Villa! It is across the road from Katsura Imperial Villa.

It was a teahouse-like place for people who came to Kyoto, people who came to Kyoto, and people who traveled for a long time.

It is located on the banks of the Katsura River.

If I lived around here and went jogging, I took a last break at this teahouse.

I don't feel like I'm on a diet at all.


A majestic store that seems to be a long-established store.

There are thousands of customers in Kyoto today.

It's a long-established store, but it has a gentle atmosphere.


Fascinating Japanese sweets lined up at the storefront.

It's heartwarming before I say that everything looks delicious.

Let's buy some.


Well, the inside of the store is also shiny.

Who is the letter in the frame?

The shoe box feels like a public hall.


To the teahouse in the back of the store. Tatami mats.

A homely atmosphere as if you came to a grandma's house in the countryside.

Although it is a Japanese sweets shop, you can also eat soba and udon so you can use it for lunch.

However, I have already decided to ask.


Nakamuraken's specialty, Mugi Mochi!

The origin of the name is that in the olden days, people used to hand out these Japanese sweets while they were farming.

And in return, he received wheat as a raw material.

That's why it's a rice cake that is replaced (price) with wheat.

It's a nice and heartwarming story.


Only domestic products such as red beans from Hokkaido and white red beans from Bitchū are used.

The secret to its deliciousness is that the kamado cooks the bean paste slowly.

Unlike gas fire, it seems that it is good to cook slowly with residual heat.


Even if I'm not that sweet, this is awesome!

Kinako is also dry and I don't like it basically, but I liked it here.

The bean paste is also juicy. Exquisite with reduced sweetness.

A taste that makes you want to eat as many as you like. It's moist overall and feels good in your throat.


The barley mochi was delicious, so I bought a bun as well.

This is "Mizoo". Manju bearing the name of Yuzu's famous production area.

A modest taste that uses plenty of Mizuo Yuzu.


This is "Uguisu Mochi".

The name comes from the pale yellowish green color.

Blue soybeans made from rare green soybeans and green peas are made from this color.

This is also a refreshing sweetness.

Sweets that make you feel healthy even though you are sure to eat sweets and calories.

No, it seems to be a well-established store with a very simple taste.

I felt that this would continue lightly for another 100 years.

61 Katsuraasahara-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto



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