Kyoto, Fushimi strolling part 4 Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Hall

Take a stroll around Fushimi, Kyoto. Fushimi is called the sake brewery in Kyoto.

The long-established store "Gekkeikan", which was founded in 1937, is a liquor maker that represents Fushimi.

If you hang around Fushimi, you'll be in a sake brewery.


And to the laurel wreath Okura Memorial Hall.

Hmmm this building is wonderful. It's spectacular.

In fact, Fushimi can taste sake here and there, so I'm already a little tipsy.

This makes me sleepy as soon as I enter the warm room.


It seems that many sake breweries were burned during the Battle of Toba-Fushimi.

Even so, war is amazing. There is nothing.

Is it something that cannot be claimed for compensation?

It's amazing that it will be revived from there to this point.


Imposing entrance. Shibu.

The laurel wreath was founded by the Okura family.


After all, there is a lot of alcohol inside.

And after all you can taste it.

Is there sake in the cold winter sky?

It would be boring for a child at all.


A built-in brewery that retains the remnants of 1906.

It seems that traditional sake brewing is done here.

When this happens, I want to see the actual sake being made.


Well, it's difficult, and the inside will be an exhibition corner.

It's really boring for kids.


Kizakura Sake Brewery was a miniature, but the laurel wreath is a real thing.

However, I can't see what I'm making.

It's a difficult place.

Traditional sake brewing, which tickles the heart of Donbei, is made by stirring a large kettle with a sword.

When it comes to laurel wreath-class liquor makers, I haven't actually done it.

Probably in a building such as a factory, a large stainless steel kettle artificially promotes fermentation.

Even if you can see what it looks like in a bio factory, it's kind of exciting.

Well, even so, how do manufacturers make it and what do consumers say?

I think it's an obligation to show it properly.

Priority is given to image strategy.

You can see that luxury items are also important elements such as romance and story.

Laurel Crown Okura Memorial Hall
247 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


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