At the cherry blossom viewing “Hirano Shrine” in Kyoto, evening banquets are good, but daytime is recommended.

The mecca for cherry blossom viewing banquets in Kyoto is definitely Hirano Shrine.

There is another hand called Maruyama Park, but this one is more like a college student.

When it comes to cherry blossom viewing banquets that are typical of Kyoto, it is the one and only Hirano Shrine.

This is because there are many temples in Kyoto's cherry blossom viewing spots, so you can't have a banquet.


While saying that, I dared to go in the daytime.

Maybe I can hardly see the cherry blossoms at night if I drink it.

In fact, the purpose of this time is to see what the cherry blossoms at Hirano Shrine look like in the daytime.

The location is about 30 minutes from Kyoto Station by city bus 205, 50. Get off at "Kinugasako Mae" and walk for 3 minutes.


It's a refreshing shrine in the daytime.

It's a little nice to park the car in the precincts.


Blue sky, vermilion torii gate and white and pink cherry blossoms.

It's a little paradise pure land visual.

It feels good to come in the daytime.


Yes, this is the banquet hall.

I don't have a shop during the day.

I wish I could do it in the daytime.


Well, it will be fun at night.

In the daytime, there were no people.

It looks like the beginning of "Spirited Away".

It would be horror if there was suddenly fresh food here.


Nobody was there, but the phone number for the reservation was written as Dokan.

However, it seems to be quite difficult on the day.

Early people seem to make reservations from around February.

No, it seems that earlier people are making reservations for next year after seeing the cherry blossoms.


The banquet area is mainly at night, but there is actually a cherry blossom garden where you pay the entrance fee.

After all I want to come here for lunch.

It is a masterpiece. Yet there are few people. Thank you.


It is a Yoshino cherry tree. Actually, I might like it more than weeping cherry blossoms.

Rape blossoms are also beautiful. It's nice to spend a warm spring day here.


Isn't it one of the leading numbers in Kyoto?

It's a waste to come this only at night.


By the way, if you pay the entrance fee and see it, Sakura tea will be served.


This is Sakura tea. Manma cherry blossoms are included.

It's a matter of mood rather than whether it's delicious.

However, since the scent of cherry blossoms comes directly, it has a little aroma effect.


This cherry blossom is the symbolic cherry blossom of Hirano Shrine, "Kai no Sakura".

It is said that this cherry blossom will bloom a little earlier in terms of variety, and it was said that when this cherry blossom begins to bloom, the cherry blossoms in the city will begin to bloom.

The crest of Hirano Shrine is also cherry blossoms. Hirano Shrine and Sakura seem to have an inseparable relationship.

Hirano Shrine
1 Hirano Miyamotocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto

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