Kyoto, Ohara Sanzenin ④ Walk in the precincts where moss is beautiful [Part 1]

Finally into Kyoto, Ohara Sanzenin. In autumn, JR East's "Yes, let's go to Kyoto"

A spot of autumn leaves that has come out. Naturally, the green leaves are beautiful from spring to summer.

No, I feel that spring and summer, when the color of the moss is fresh, is more beautiful.


The entrance to Sanzen-in Temple, the Gotenmon, is a magnificent structure. It's like a samurai residence, a castle-like gate.


From the Goten Gate, go through the guest hall and the shrine to "Ariseien". This is just beautiful.


Carpets of green moss, standing trees of cedar and cypress are lined up, and of course maples are overgrown here and there.

It's like a maple tunnel.

The color of the moss changes between where the sun shines and where it is behind the maple tree.

The green gradation is dangerous.


The moss should be fresh on both sunny and rainy days.

The garden that falls down is also very emotional.


Buildings such as the shrine and Ojo Gokurakuin are no longer part of the garden.


Natural green carpet.


There is also a pond, so it's like a paradise.


Women in yukata are gorgeous in the green world. As expected, Kyoto. It will be a picture.



The red gate is Suzakumon. It looks red on the green.


It's easy to be fascinated by the beauty of moss, but when you look up, you can see the endless cedar tree roof.

The space is as large as a natural hall.


If you get tired of walking, go to the teahouse. Shiso tea with gold leaf is served.


This is Konjiki Fudodo. Isn't it golden?


Good news for families with children! There is a stamp rally in the 3,000 hospitals so that small children will not get bored.

If you have this, you can enjoy it like a game for the time being.

What's more, if you collect all the stamps, you will get a gift!

Kyoto Ohara Sanzen-in Temple (Sanzen-in Temple Ruins)
540 Ohararaikoincho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1242
TEL 075-744-2531
Visiting time
March-October 9: 00-17: 00 (closed at 17:30)
November-December 7th, 8: 30-17: 00 (closed at 17:30)
December 8th to February 9: 00-16: 00 (closed at 16:30)

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