Kyoto, Ohara Sanzenin ⑥ What are the recommended souvenirs?


Kyoto and Ohara Sanzenin are also the last. It turned around.

After all, I didn't know what Sanzen-in Temple was.

Was there a total of 3,000 Buddhist statues, or did they have a special meaning in Buddhist terms?

If you look at the website, you will find that it is the origin of Sanzen-in Temple, but even if you read it, it is not written in particular.

I'm pretty worried. Well, what?


By the way, what are the souvenirs? It seems that beads and incense are the main.


Apparently, the best recommendation is this "Sanzenin incense". In fact, it seems that you can only buy it here.

Once you leave "Sanzen-in", you can never buy it again! I think it's a little regrettable. ..

But now I don't really smell it.


However, Sanzen-in has come out. When I got out, this time I got a souvenir from "Ohara" Oshi.

Oh, this Oharame's towel is good. But just below,

What is the text "Oharame Tenugui is not for sale. Please feel free to take pictures"?

I don't sell it for what! ??


Below that, there are Showa toys that have nothing to do with Sanzen-in or Ohara.

Moreover, I ended up buying this airplane toy. ..

Kyoto, Ohara Sanzen-in is a land that makes a mysterious decision.

Kyoto Ohara Sanzen-in Temple (Sanzen-in Temple Ruins)
540 Ohararaikoincho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1242
TEL 075-744-2531
Visiting time
March-October 9: 00-17: 00 (closed at 17:30)
November-December 7th, 8: 30-17: 00 (closed at 17:30)
December 8th to February 9: 00-16: 00 (closed at 16:30)

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