Recommended for taking iron and riding iron. Kyoto, train and two birds with one stone of autumn leaves “Eizan Electric Railway”

The autumn leaves of "Eizan Electric Railway" make children happy with the autumn leaves of Kyoto, and the rider and the photographer also happy.

Departing from Demachiyanagi Station in Kyoto, it takes about 20 minutes to pass Ichijoji, Shugakuin, and Iwakura.

The "Autumn Leaves Tunnel" is located between Ichihara Station and Ninose Station.

You can get on and enjoy the autumn leaves, or you can get off and put the train and the autumn leaves in one picture.

This time I decided to go by train.

Special vehicles with windows that make it easy to see the autumn leaves run quite often near the ceiling, so it is even better to use that.


Around Kyoto Seika University Station. In this area, the cityscape disappears and gradually becomes a mountainous landscape.

This is fine.


Arrived at Ichihara station. The "Maple Tunnel" is just around the corner.


I wore it. The approaching autumn leaves. So that you can enjoy the autumn leaves

It seems that the staff of Eizan Electric Railway is pruning at the last minute of the train.

Does that make you feel like you're slipping through such a thread?


When you come to the maple tunnel, it will run slowly.

It's quite difficult because the shooting iron and the riding iron are in the lead, but I have to do my best there.

If it is not a special maple vehicle, it may be relatively easy to take pictures.

There is another trick, but that will be done later!


The best time to see it is from the latter half of mid-November, around the 18th.


I don't have a particular destination, but I'll get off at "Kifune" station.

The autumn leaves are pretty beautiful around here as well.

I thought I should take a look at the autumn leaves of Kibune, but the bus from Kibune Station to Kibune Shrine

There is no 8am! I notice that.

Would you like to return honestly?


How to take a picture in the best position even if there are many people Part 2.

The train on the way back, the window opposite to the direction of travel, is relatively unoccupied.

In addition, you can take pictures with a sense of speed!

When it comes to photographs that add a sense of dynamism to the autumn leaves, it's unlikely that it's widespread in Japan.


Next, I want to get off the train and take a picture with the train running through the autumn leaves.

In addition, it is also popular because it passes through the illuminated area at night.

Eizan Electric Railway (between Ichihara Station and Ninose)

Maple tunnel

One-way fare between Demachiyanagi Station and Kurama Station
Adults 420 yen, children 210 yen

075-781-5121 (Eizan Electric Railway Transportation Division)

160 Kuramaninosecho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

京都食べ歩き ブログランキングへ

京都府京都市 ブログランキングへ
にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 京都旅行へ
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 京都食べ歩きへ


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