“Gion Matsuri” ③ How to enjoy Kyoto people recommend [Yoiyama limited weeping meat bun! ]

A continuation of the Gion Festival and the previous festival. Let's go steadily.

Dangle with a beer. Restaurants here and there are opening temporary stores in front of the store.

The fashionable French restaurant sells wine, pickles, duck loin, and other take-out items in front of the store.

Even more. Sometimes there is a Gion Matsuri limited menu.


The famous menu is "Shimidare Nikuman", which is a Gion Matsuri limited menu of Chinese food "Zezekan Pocchiri".

The place is near Graupel Tenjin. A pretty line of about 50 people. Let's line up here while drinking beer.

However, you can buy meat buns in about 15 minutes.


The gravy overflows when it gets packed. It feels like a small basket of meat. Delicious.

I'm already drinking and I'm sorry that the image is rough.


And again the halberd. To the nearby "Graupel Tenjin". The dragon embroidery is gorgeous.


I think that Tenjin-sama was a story in which Tenjin-sama came down with hail.

However, there are various stories.


There are also so-called stalls along the way. This is a candy ball. All of them seem to be bad for you, but they are colorful anyway.


This is a goldfish scooping. Just looking at it is cool. While saying, I will try it without ending just by looking at it.

When I got three of them and brought them home, the last one lived until the Obon festival.



There are 23 floats in total at the previous festival alone, so it looks the same gradually. ..


"Funaboko" is sometimes misunderstood. This is interesting. The boat is on the road.

At the after festival, "Ofuneho", which has been revived for the first time in 150 years, will appear.

More on this next time.


next day. Alcohol also comes out with the sweat of the parade, and it is refreshing without a hangover.

By the way, unfortunately it was raining for a while when I thought I would see the floats.

It was a "rainy weather force", so of course I decided to do it.

When I see the floats moving through the building, I feel as if the floats have arrived in modern times with a time slip.

Disneyland and USJ parades are popular, but it's amazing that the prototype was already in Japan 1100 years ago.

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